Blood Moon Sighting

I stayed up late (past midnight) to watch the Blood Moon.  This is a rare full moon eclipse.  It started at about 10PM with the peak “blood” at around midnight and then clearing away thru 2AM.  North America will see a blood moon 4 times between now and September (called a Tetrad).  Miss those and you will have to wait until 2032!

Here is the full moon before the eclipse.  Check out the blood at the end!




After the moon goes dark, the blood starts to show.

This is the early part of it.  Check out the two white dots (slightly above and to the far right).  These are Mars and a bright star Spica (I believe).


And finally the complete closeup.



For those interested, I shot this with a Canon EOS 7D with a 70-300 zoom lens.  I played around with the aperture, ISO and shutter speed  throughout the evening.  The last picture here is ISO 800 at f/6.3 at a 1.6 second exposure.  With the moon at full brightness early in the evening ISO was only 200 at f/11 and 1/80 of a second.  No color correction or other filters were applied…. this is as true as it gets.

This was considerably easier to focus and get some great shots than the Transit of Venus we did in 2012!


Bountiful Blue

Spring is in the air and our blueberries are blooming.

khare-blog-6006The hummingbirds are also out in full force.



Smooth Operator

The kids had some fun dressing up Joey today.  He will do anything as long as there is food involved!


Annika broke her first six minute mile with a race in LA last weekend posting a 5:59!

khare-blog-6002khare-blog-6001She followed that up with a 73 second 400m (5 min mile equivalent).


Annika had her first track race of the season in Compton.  She ran the 1500m.

Here she is after the first 250m.


Great form.


And down the final 100m to a 5:47 finish.


Rain Run

Annika had a 5K race in Fountain Valley.  What started out as a sunny day turned into an all out downpour.

Here are Annika and Mom just before the race started.


Less than half an hour later, Annika’s race started and it began to rain.


Here’s a duck enjoying the rain.


This was the hardest rain in a year.  The storm has dumped more rain in 3 days than all of last year!


Annika’s Birthday

Annika turned 13 yesterday.  She went with her friends to Cheesecake factory for dinner.  Here are some pics.

Here she is with her friend Lizzy at our house.


Here are all the girls at the Cheescake factory.bday3

Posing for a picture after dinner.


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