The Adventures of the Khare Family

Get Out of Auto Mode


Last weekend I took a photography class from Hector Gonzalez in Long Beach. The class was about 14 hours in a single day and covered all the basic concepts to control your camera in full manual mode.  We got to practice hundreds of shots at different apertures, shutter speeds ISO’s and compositions.

Check out some of my pictures

This first one is the same camera angle at different apertures (F/3.5 on the left and F/36 on the right).


Here are three more of the Queen Mary in Long Beach at different times.  The last one is in the evening at a 5000 ISO setting without a tripod.

Here are a couple of nice sunset/dusk pictures.

Finally, here are some night time shots using a tripod and a 20-30 second exposure time.

I can’t wait till the 4th of July to capture some great fireworks photos.  Check out his class…. its well worth your time.