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Boy Scout Hike

On Saturday, I took Vikram and a few of his Boy Scout buddies on a 10 mile hike into Santiago Oaks.

Here we are at the start of the hike.

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Naughty Joey

Joey continues his naughty streak.  Most recently, he swiped a box of straws from the kitchen counter and then had fun playing with them.

This week, he figured out a way to jump onto Annika’s bed but then couldn’t muster up the courage to jump off.  He sat there whining for over half an hour!

Needless to say that all the bedroom doors are now closed.

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LA Jets Track Meet

Yesterday, we went up to LA for the LA Jets track meet.

Annika and Nikhil both ran the 1500M and 800M races and both got PR’s in their races.

Here is Nikhil clocking in at 5:13 in his 1500M race – very close to breaking the key 5 minute mark.

Here is Annika en route to her first sub 7 minute mile with a 6:24 in the 1500M race.

She did even better in the 800M with a 3:07 – almost breaking the magical 3 minute barrier.  Next time!

After their race, we went to Polly’s in Long Beach.  This was a recommendation from Urbanspoon – an iPhone application.  What a great meal!  Deserving of the 5 star rating on the iPhone app.

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Last weekend we went up to Pasadena for a track meet.

Here are Nikhil and Annika in their races.

Annika got PR’s in both her races.

Here are the girls passing the time away after their race.

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Santa Monica 5k

A couple of weeks ago, Annika and Nikhil ran in the Santa Monica 5K.  This was an hour drive and required getting there at 7AM!

Here they are lined up at the starting line with a few thousand other runners.

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Scout-O-Rama 2010

Today the boys taught the Fingerprinting Merit Badge for their Boy Scout troop.

Here is Vikram the “teacher” directing the younger scouts.

The event was a huge success.

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Mother’s Day Hike

Today we went to Peter’s Canyon to celebrate Mother’s Day.  Here’s Anjali with the kids.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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Last weekend was the SCMAF Orange County meet down in Laguna Hills.

Nikhil ran the 1600 meter and got 2nd place with another PR down to 5:34.

After his run, Annika ran in the 400M and 200M and got 2nd and 4th place.  She improved her 400M time to 82 seconds which was a 5 second improvement from a couple of weeks ago.  Here she is on the outside lane on the way to the finish.

Here is Annika on the podium.

Both qualify for the Southern California finals coming up in a few weeks.

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