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Sub Six Club

Annika has had a few more track meets in the last month and has been picking up her pace.  Here she is in a 1500m race en route to a new PR of 5:31.



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Six Minute Mile Club

Annika broke her first six minute mile with a race in LA last weekend posting a 5:59!

khare-blog-6002khare-blog-6001She followed that up with a 73 second 400m (5 min mile equivalent).


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Annika had her first track race of the season in Compton.  She ran the 1500m.

Here she is after the first 250m.


Great form.


And down the final 100m to a 5:47 finish.


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Racing Track

Annika has been busy with her track meets.  She has run  about 5-6 meets and picked up right where she left off last season.

Her specialty is the 1500M and 800M runs.

Here she is at the local Tustin Youth meet where she broke 3:00 in the 800M for the first time.  She has since consistently dropped her times to 2:48 in the 800M and a 5:43 in the 1500M.

Check out her intensity!

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Usain Bolt in the House

Usain Bolt (the world’s fastest man) came to visit at the local college (Mt. Sac).  Anjali took the kids to see him as he hosted a running clinic.  Usain has a 9.58 second World record for the 100M along with a host of others.  He spoke about his training regimen and complained about the heat in So Cal!  Isn’t he from Jamaica?

Here are the kids making their way onto the track to see him.

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So Cal JO’s

A couple of weekends ago, Annika and Nikhil both ran in the Southern California Junior Olympics for track.  Both ran the 1500M and PR’d with their best times of the season.

Here is Annika en route to a 5:59 time finally breaking the magical 6 minute mark!

Here is Annika after the race.  Check out her new fangled haircut – yes it has real feathers sewn into it.  Guess its the latest style!

Here is Nikhil on his way to a 5:12 time.

They both have a full month off with no running.  Cross country season starts back up at the end of July.  More to come.

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More Races

Nikhil and Annika ran in two more races over the last couple of weekend.  The season is almost coming to a close.  Here are some pics from the LA Jets meet at Narbonne in Harbor City.

Here is Annika getting off to a good start in the 1500M- easy to spot in the bright green.  Still trying to break the elusive 6  minute mark, ending just a few seconds above it again!

And again after a couple of laps leading the pack, but nobody to pace her.


Here is Nikhil on his way to tying his PR.

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