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Sub Six Club

Annika has had a few more track meets in the last month and has been picking up her pace.  Here she is in a 1500m race en route to a new PR of 5:31.



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Six Minute Mile Club

Annika broke her first six minute mile with a race in LA last weekend posting a 5:59!

khare-blog-6002khare-blog-6001She followed that up with a 73 second 400m (5 min mile equivalent).


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Annika had her first track race of the season in Compton.  She ran the 1500m.

Here she is after the first 250m.


Great form.


And down the final 100m to a 5:47 finish.


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Racing Track

Annika has been busy with her track meets.  She has run  about 5-6 meets and picked up right where she left off last season.

Her specialty is the 1500M and 800M runs.

Here she is at the local Tustin Youth meet where she broke 3:00 in the 800M for the first time.  She has since consistently dropped her times to 2:48 in the 800M and a 5:43 in the 1500M.

Check out her intensity!

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Usain Bolt in the House

Usain Bolt (the world’s fastest man) came to visit at the local college (Mt. Sac).  Anjali took the kids to see him as he hosted a running clinic.  Usain has a 9.58 second World record for the 100M along with a host of others.  He spoke about his training regimen and complained about the heat in So Cal!  Isn’t he from Jamaica?

Here are the kids making their way onto the track to see him.

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So Cal JO’s

A couple of weekends ago, Annika and Nikhil both ran in the Southern California Junior Olympics for track.  Both ran the 1500M and PR’d with their best times of the season.

Here is Annika en route to a 5:59 time finally breaking the magical 6 minute mark!

Here is Annika after the race.  Check out her new fangled haircut – yes it has real feathers sewn into it.  Guess its the latest style!

Here is Nikhil on his way to a 5:12 time.

They both have a full month off with no running.  Cross country season starts back up at the end of July.  More to come.

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More Races

Nikhil and Annika ran in two more races over the last couple of weekend.  The season is almost coming to a close.  Here are some pics from the LA Jets meet at Narbonne in Harbor City.

Here is Annika getting off to a good start in the 1500M- easy to spot in the bright green.  Still trying to break the elusive 6  minute mark, ending just a few seconds above it again!

And again after a couple of laps leading the pack, but nobody to pace her.


Here is Nikhil on his way to tying his PR.

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Perris or Paris

Today we drove all the way out to Perris for a race.  Its about an hour and 15 minutes from our house.  The only resemblance to Paris is its pronunciation!

Anyway, here are some pics from today.

The first one is Nikhil and his buddies.

This was Nikhil’s first race after missing the last couple of weeks due to illness.  He came back strong.

Annika also ran the 1500.  She started out strong but ran out of gas at the end!

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San Diego Meet

Yesterday, I drove down to Escondido for a track meet for Annika.  Here she is running in the 1500m race.  She improved another 4 seconds just short of the six minute mark to 6:03.

Here she is battling one of her team mates.

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Bay Cities Meet

This past Sunday we went to Lomita for the Bay Cities meet.  Nikhil and Annika both ran the 1500m and 800m races.

Both of them PR’d.  Annika lowered her time in the 1500m to a 6:07 (just missing the 6 minute mark).

Nikhil lowered his time in the 1500m to a 5:14.

The 800m races were about three hours later in the hot sun.  I think the heat wilted their performance late in the afternoon as neither was able to beat their PR’s.

There’s always next weekend!

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Tustin Youth Meet

Last Sunday were the city finals for Nikhil and Annika.  Nikhil ran the 1600m and 400m races.  Annika ran the 800m and 400m races.

Both of them qualified for the next round at the county meet coming up in May.

I might add that the picture quality has improved with my new camera. I’m getting better at capturing these high speed images.  What do you think?

ps.  These were shot at a shutter speed of 640 and aperture of f/6.3.  The full res originals are a lot better than the reduced jpegs on WordPress.

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Mt. Sac Races

Last Friday, Nikhil participated in the Mount Sac middle school races.

Vikram was the official school photographer.  When the team was one short in the 4x200m relays, Vikram pitched in and ran a leg of the race!

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LA Jets Race

Yesterday, Annika and Nikhil raced up in Los Angeles at the LA Jets track near Culver City.  This was about an hour drive from our house.  The track facility was very nice and the organization was the best of the season so far – all the events started promptly with no technical issues.  Not often the case.

Annika started off with the 1500m and PR’d down to a 6:28.  Here she is pacing her group.

She also ran her first 4×800.  Here she is with the baton in hand running the anchor leg.

Nikhil ran the same events and also improved on his times from last weekend.

Here is Nikhil running the lead off  leg in the 4x800m run.

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Trifytt Track Meet

Last weekend, Annika and Nikhil ran their first track meet of the season at Concordia University.  Annika picked up right where she left off last season and PR’d in both her 400m and 800m events with a 1:20 and 3:00 flat.

Here she is after her races with her girls.

Nikhil also posted a good time nearing his PR with a 5:44 in the 1600m and a 1:08 in the 400m.  He has two more weeks until he is free from his cast.

Check out the intensity here!

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Summer Races

I have some catching up to do as it has been several weeks since my last post.  The kids have been keeping me very busy.

Annika and Nikhil had their final two races of the season.

The first was the SCMAF Championship.  This is a Southern California track meet with qualifiers thru our city and county meets.

Annika qualified for and ran the 400M and 200M.  She placed third overall in the 400M with a personal best of 79 seconds and 9th in the 200M.

Nikhil ran the 1600M and placed fourth overall.

A couple of weeks after the SCMAF races, both raced in the Junior Olympic Regionals.  Both ran on two consecutive days the 1500M and the 800M races.  These were much more competitive and they were running against kids that were one year older in most cases.

Annika brought her friend Lizzy to help cheer her on.

After the race on Sunday, we went to eat at our favorite Indian restaurant in Cerritos called Jay Bharat.

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LA Jets Track Meet

Yesterday, we went up to LA for the LA Jets track meet.

Annika and Nikhil both ran the 1500M and 800M races and both got PR’s in their races.

Here is Nikhil clocking in at 5:13 in his 1500M race – very close to breaking the key 5 minute mark.

Here is Annika en route to her first sub 7 minute mile with a 6:24 in the 1500M race.

She did even better in the 800M with a 3:07 – almost breaking the magical 3 minute barrier.  Next time!

After their race, we went to Polly’s in Long Beach.  This was a recommendation from Urbanspoon – an iPhone application.  What a great meal!  Deserving of the 5 star rating on the iPhone app.

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Last weekend we went up to Pasadena for a track meet.

Here are Nikhil and Annika in their races.

Annika got PR’s in both her races.

Here are the girls passing the time away after their race.

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Last weekend was the SCMAF Orange County meet down in Laguna Hills.

Nikhil ran the 1600 meter and got 2nd place with another PR down to 5:34.

After his run, Annika ran in the 400M and 200M and got 2nd and 4th place.  She improved her 400M time to 82 seconds which was a 5 second improvement from a couple of weeks ago.  Here she is on the outside lane on the way to the finish.

Here is Annika on the podium.

Both qualify for the Southern California finals coming up in a few weeks.

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Escondido Meet

Yesterday we went to Escondido (near San Diego) for a track meet.  Nikhil and Annika both ran the 1500m and 800m.

Both got PR’s in each event.    The highlight was Nikhil making a 5:15 in the 1500m which was about a 15 second improvement over his last PR just a couple of weeks ago.

Annika too had her PR’s with about a 6 second improvement in the 1500M to 6:52.  This was only her second 1500 ever.

The drive was about 150 miles round trip.  Nikhil captured the occasion as my speedo hit 44444!

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Tustin Track Meet

This weekend, Nikhil and Annika ran in the Tustin Youth Track Meet.

Nikhil got 2nd in the 1600M and 4th in the 400M with a 5:57 and 0:68 respectively.

Annika got 1st in the 200M and 2nd in the 400M.

Look at her concentration!

They both qualified to move on the the Orange County regional meet in a few weeks.

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