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Nikhil’s Red Belt

Nikhil took his Red Belt Degree One on Friday and passed with flying colors.

Here is a short video of him and his classmate Kelsey.

Here is Nikhil during the test.


Finally, here is a picture of Nikhil accepting his belt.


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California Vacation

Anjali’s friend Vaishali, from college came from the east coast to visit California. They started in San Diego and as they were passing thru to LA and eventually San Francisco, they stopped by to visit.

Vaishali, Shahid and their baby daughter Aleena and a couple of their friends stayed for one night.

The baby on the left is Aleena and the one on the right is Jayla (a friend of Vaishali’s).


Here is Aleena, Vaishali and Anjali.


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Irvine Housing Market

The housing market here in the Irvine/Tustin area is clearly headed for a downfall. We have several properties on our street that have been sitting on the market for months. The number of foreclosures are at a record high and increasing monthly. On the weekends when we drive around, the “bank repo” signs are out and we are hearing of more and more distress among neighbors who have used their house as an ATM machine for the past several years.

I have been following this blog for the past couple of months from an Irvine resident and probably a realtor. It is a good read and will give you a good idea of what is going on in Tustin. Click here: Irvine Housing Blog.

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Ski Mountain High

This week Anjali took the kids to the Mountain High ski resort. It is about a 1 1/2 hour drive from our house and with all the precipitation we have had in the last few weeks, the ski resorts have the best snow in years. They had a beginner program for the kids and by the end of the day, all three were zipping down the mountain.

Here is Nikhil and Vikram at the beginning of the day at their lesson.

(click on the pic to see Vikram)


Here is Miss Annika at her lesson.


Annika’s first ski lift ride to the top of the mountain.


(click on the pic to see them all)


Aren’t they lucky to “cut” school and go skiing for the day!

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Universal Studios

Anjali and the kids went to Universal Studios this week with Sushi and Nancy and their kids.




Here is the whole gang.


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New Year’s Party

We went to the King’s for New Year’s Eve. The kids all stayed up till midnight and toasted champagne (or apple cider).

(click on the pic to see the whole thing)


At midnight they went out and banged on some pots and pans to bring in the new year and wake up all the neighbors!


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Family Get Together

Here is a picture of Abhijit and Co. and our family.

(click on the pic to see the whole thing)


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