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The boys were officially promoted from 8th grade to High School last week.  First are some pics from their promotion party and the actual graduation event at school.

Here are the boys accepting their Honor Roll awards during the rehearsal ceremony.And finally, the actual ceremony.

How about a congratulations to the parents  Is that Anjali crying with tears of joy?

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So Cal JO’s

A couple of weekends ago, Annika and Nikhil both ran in the Southern California Junior Olympics for track.  Both ran the 1500M and PR’d with their best times of the season.

Here is Annika en route to a 5:59 time finally breaking the magical 6 minute mark!

Here is Annika after the race.  Check out her new fangled haircut – yes it has real feathers sewn into it.  Guess its the latest style!

Here is Nikhil on his way to a 5:12 time.

They both have a full month off with no running.  Cross country season starts back up at the end of July.  More to come.

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MVP Awards

On Tuesday, Nikhil received an award from the the Elks Club and his school for Cross Country Season.  Awards were presented to the MVP’s from each school in Orange County for a variety of sports.  Here he is going up to receive his award.

Here are the boys from each school in OC for Cross Country (his friend Anthony is next to him representing Hewes).

Here is one with all the kids in his school representing the different sports programs.

And finally one with his coach and teacher.

Good job Nikhil!

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On Memorial Day we visited the Channel Islands – Santa Cruz Island. We started out at Ventura Harbor, a little over 100 miles from our house and then took a 2 hour boat ride to the island.  The weather was beautiful.

Here is Annika with her best friend Lizzy who came along with us.

Here is Vikram being camera shy!


On the boat ride, we saw lots of sea lions and dolphins.

Here is the start of the 4.5 mile hike on the island.

Here we all are just above Pelican Bay.

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Museum Visit to LACMA

One of the days on the long weekend, we drove up to Los Angeles to visit the LA County Museum of Art (LACMA) – the largest art museum on the West coast.

First stop was Border Grill for lunch.  Annika tried something new and had some corn tamales and actually liked them.  We went there after seeing one of their chefs on Top Chef Masters – a reality cooking show.  I personally think the food was a bit over rated.  It was too bland and “gringo” for my tastes.  Probably why Annika liked it.

The kids mostly gravitated to the “modern” art.

After the museum visit, we went to Magnolia Bakery.  This is an awesome cafe with some of the best tasting cupcakes – decadent and high calorie.  Just what the kids need.

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More Races

Nikhil and Annika ran in two more races over the last couple of weekend.  The season is almost coming to a close.  Here are some pics from the LA Jets meet at Narbonne in Harbor City.

Here is Annika getting off to a good start in the 1500M- easy to spot in the bright green.  Still trying to break the elusive 6  minute mark, ending just a few seconds above it again!

And again after a couple of laps leading the pack, but nobody to pace her.


Here is Nikhil on his way to tying his PR.

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