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Waterpolo Summer

Vikram has been playing water polo all summer long with his team.  Here are some pictures from one of his matches this summer.




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The boys just had their 15th birthday.   We celebrated at home with homemade cup cakes.

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Annika’s Birthday

Annika just turned 11 and for her party, she went to Sky High which is a trampoline “park”.  You have to see it to believe it – basically a large warehouse with hundreds of trampolines filled with lots of jumping kids!

Here are the girls before their jump fest.

And here they are jumping away!

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Annika’s Birthday

Last weekend was Annika’s 9th birthday.  We took her and her friends to Scooters Jungle.   Here are some pictures from the party.

Scooters has a bunch of inflatable slides and jumps.

Anjali made some homemade chocolate cupcakes.  Here is Annika’s with nine candles.

Here are all the girls at the end of the day.

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This video speaks for itself!!

They’ve been playing too much guitar hero.  Acting credits go to Nikhil and Ryan.  Camera work by Annika and music by Sam.

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We took the boys to Laser Quest in Fullerton for their birthday party.  Here are some pictures from the afternoon. Each got to invite four friends.  They had home made cake and In-N-Out for lunch.



Anjali also took them to Disneyland’s California Adventure which was offering a “free” day on your birthday promotion deal.




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Our Boys are Growing Up!

The boys attended their first Cotillion today.  They got to wear a suit and tie and learn some basic etiquette.  Anjali spent all day Sunday going from store to store to try to find some clothes that would fit these skinny dudes!

This is a six week program where they will learn every thing from table manners and speaking skills to basic dancing.  They will thank us when they are all grown up.

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Summer Beach and Swimming

Now that school is out, the kids are at the pool or beach almost every day.  Here they are at Corona Del Mar beach with their friends.

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The boys had their 11th birthday this past week and we celebrated by taking them out to Champagne Bakery (their choice).  They ate strawberry crepes for dinner.

They also had a sleep over with their friends and had homemade chocolate fondue (again their choice).  Are you sensing a French theme here?

They then stayed up and played video games until two in the morning!

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Back to Normal

So we are back to our daily routine. The boys had a campout this weekend for Boy Scouts and Annika had a softball game.

Anjali took the boys and I went with Annika.

I got a lucky picture of her hitting the ball!

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Annika’s Birthday – The Party

Annika invited her friends to Scooters Jungle for her birthday party.

Here are some pictures of her friends.


Here is her “homemade chocolate chip brownie cake” since she doesn’t like regular cake with frosting.


Here’s the little princess making another funny face!



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Ski Mountain High

This week Anjali took the kids to the Mountain High ski resort. It is about a 1 1/2 hour drive from our house and with all the precipitation we have had in the last few weeks, the ski resorts have the best snow in years. They had a beginner program for the kids and by the end of the day, all three were zipping down the mountain.

Here is Nikhil and Vikram at the beginning of the day at their lesson.

(click on the pic to see Vikram)


Here is Miss Annika at her lesson.


Annika’s first ski lift ride to the top of the mountain.


(click on the pic to see them all)


Aren’t they lucky to “cut” school and go skiing for the day!

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Today I took the boys out for a longer hike through Peters Canyon. We started at the main entrance off Jamboree and worked our way thru Cactus point, up Big Red and eventually back home. A total of about 4-5 miles.


The field of catci were in full bloom.  This is a picture of the Prickly Pear cactus that grows abundant in our hills.  You will note that they have large fixed spines and smaller hairlike spines.  It is the fine hairlike spines that hurt and take weeks to remove.  I know from the experience of having fallen on one of these on a bike ride a couple of years ago.  Believe it or not, the fruit is edible and is sold in Mexican markets here in the Southland as Nopal.


Here are Vikram, Jordan and Nikhil.


Here they are at the top of Big Red.


This is a strenuous uphill that climbs 175 feet at a 12.5% grade. Here is Rajeev at the top – working up a sweat!img_0129.jpg

Here they all are at the end, thoroughly exhausted. The facial expressions are genuine pain!


A job well done. The rest of the day is relatively peaceful, with the boundless energy left on the mountains.

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Peters Canyon Hike

Yesterday Abhijit and family came down from San Francisco to visit for a few days. The kids were a bit raucous so I took them on a hike to wear them out a bit.

Here we are at the start of the trail.


Here are Annika and Emma running down the hills.


Here are the four boys way out in front.


Here are Vikram, Rajeev, Jordan and Nikhil




Finally, here is a picture of the ridge where the fire was just a couple of months ago. The last couple of rains have started to green up the hills already.  Look at the burned out tree trunks on the bottom left of the picture.


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On Christmas eve, Nikhil set his alarm to catch Santa in the act of delivering presents. He woke up at 3:00AM but alas, Santa had already come and gone. Nikhil then decided to wake up everyone else, so we were all up at 3:30 in the morning opening up presents!!

Needless to say, it was a Webkinz Christmas full of Wii games, Apple iPod and iHome electronics.



And then we all went back to sleep!

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85 and Sunny

It wasn’t a white Christmas or even close. It has been warm and sunny this whole week. We went to the park to enjoy the weather.



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Santa Comes to Tustin

Santa came to our neighborhood a little early to visit all the kids. His sleigh was pulled thru our street by the Tustin Police.

Here is Annika telling him all about her favorite Webkinz! You think he knows what a Webkinz is?


Here’s Nikhil and Garrett (I think).


And Vikram


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Annika wrote out her Christmas wish list for us. I thought some of the items were quite cute so I thought I’d share.

Here they are:

1. The Collie Webkinz or Penguin Little kinz or both

2. New petshops

3. A santa hat

4. A new DS game (only because her brothers want new DS games)

5. to see your reindeers and what are their names?

6. The Paws Off pet shop diary

7. The chiwawa [sic] webkinz

I left the spellings, grammar and punctuations as original!

These Webkinz continue to be a hot toy and all three of them have it on their lists. I have a pretty good feeling Santa has already bought some Webkinz for them!

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Reading Counts

Well, we’re back home and adjusting to the time zone shift.

The kids all of a sudden have picked up a voracious reading habit.  Here is the three of them hanging out on the sofa in the evening reading.  No coaxing or urging required – just genuine interest.  It warms my heart!


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Halloween Booty

This past Wednesday night was Halloween, a time for trick or treating and getting as much candy from the neighbors as possible. The kids did not disappoint!

First, the costumes. Nikhil and Vikram dressed up as characters from their favorite Nintendo game, the Legend of Zelda.link_zelda.png

See if you can find the resemblance. This is Nikhil at one of the more creative neighborhood displays.img_2240.jpg

This next one is Vikram


Here is one with them and the neighborhood kids.


And finally, here is Annika as a Spider Princess with her friend.


Here they are back home after collecting 14.3 pounds of candy (displayed is just a small sample of the take)! Their favorites are Skittles, Smarties and Snickers – seems like the same favorites from when we were kids!


The special prize goes to Anjali for making the boys costumes. They looked really good in their outfits.

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