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Annika had a race last weekend in Fontana.  This had to be the absolute ugliest course we have run in the 10+ years of races that she and the boys have ever run… and they have been to a lot of races!

Here is the scenic setting!



There was a graffiti lined cinder block wall on one side and the power lines down the center.


At least it was spectator friendly!




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Annika ran her first race of the season at Mt. Sac.

Here she is in the 4K running up the dreaded hill.


And one coming down the hill.


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Cross Country

Annika has run a couple of races this month.

Here she is at the famous Mt. Sac race.


Last week she ran at the Dino Dash 5K and got a new PR of 22:15.


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This weekend, Annika and I ran in the LB Poly Bun Run.  This is a three-mile race in Long Beach.

Here is Annika near the finish line.

Here are me and Annika after the race.  I too ran (but she beat me).

Mom and Dad came down for Labor Day weekend.

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Cross Country Race Season

The new cross country season has started.  Annika had a couple of warmup races the last two weekends.

The first was the USATF Road Mile, held at the former El Toro Air Force Base.  This is a 1 mile straight and flat race.  Very interesting course on an old abandoned runway.  No turns whatsoever.

Here are the girls goofing off during their warm ups.

Once she got started, it was all business. Here she is en route to a 6:15 mile.  A little off her pace from the end of track last season but a good start for her first race.

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Annika ran in the JO’s qualifier in San Diego but just missed the cut for the national team.

Here we are doing the course walk before the start of the race.

Annika looked strong but just missed the cut.


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Dino Dash 2011

Nikhil and Annika both ran in the Dino Dash again this year.

Here is Nikhil chatting before the run.

Alas, no PR’s today!

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Annika’s Running

Annika has been busy the last couple of weeks with races at Mt. Sac and Laguna Hills.  Here are some pics.

At the Elementary School race, she place 15th out of about 150 5th graders.


Here she is before one of her races.


And one more after her race, loading up on sugar!

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See Annika Run!

Miss Annika has also started her cross country season and has run a couple of 5K’s.  Here are some pics from her last couple of races.

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Nikhil has started cross country season and is running for his high school team.  Here are some pictures from his first two meets.

Nikhil got his groove back in the second race, improving by 1 1/2 minutes to an 18:52 in the 3 mile race.There were 400 Freshman kids in this race from as far away as San Diego and Las Vegas!

Here are Nikhil and his friend Anthony after their race.

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MVP Awards

On Tuesday, Nikhil received an award from the the Elks Club and his school for Cross Country Season.  Awards were presented to the MVP’s from each school in Orange County for a variety of sports.  Here he is going up to receive his award.

Here are the boys from each school in OC for Cross Country (his friend Anthony is next to him representing Hewes).

Here is one with all the kids in his school representing the different sports programs.

And finally one with his coach and teacher.

Good job Nikhil!

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Brea 8k

This morning, Annika and Nikhil ran at the Brea 8k (5.11 miles).  It was a chilly 45 degrees but they both braved the weather.

Here is Nikhil finishing up the race at the 35 minute mark.

Here are a couple of Annika.  This is her first 8K distance.  She came in at 38:24.

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Timberwolf 5K

Annika ran in her first 5K this season and did awesome.  She got a 23:09 on a difficult and hilly course.  Here are some pics.

The first picture is near the beginning of the race.

Here she is near the end of the race – the littlest one around, beating the high school boys!

And enjoying the fruits of her labor after the race 🙂

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Equalizer Banquet

Last weekend, Annika and Nikhil attended the annual club banquet.  This is one of the few times in the year  we get to see them dresssed up!

Here is Annika and her friend Christine.

Here is Nikhil with his running buddies.

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Junior Olympics 2010

Annika and I got back from the 2010 Junior Olympics.  This year’s event was all the way in Alabama in the South Eastern part of the US.  I have never been to Alabama before but it looked just like any other part of the mid-East.

Here are some pics from the event.  First up is the girls’ team on the day before the race at the course walk.

Here are the girls on the morning of the race – in the high 40’s and threatening to snow.


Here is the starting line with the 250 or so girls lined up and starting the race.

Here is Annika mid way through the race.

And one near the finish line.


Here we are after the race awaiting the results.


Here is a picture of the girls team after winning the National Championship (for the 2nd year in a row).

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Lots of Sports

The kids have been busy with their cross country practice and races.  I have been remiss in posting pics.. but we had a camera issue.  Anyway,  I am back online with a new camera.

Here are a couple from Mt. Sac.

Vikram has also been busy with swimming and water polo.

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Santa Monica 5k

A couple of weeks ago, Annika and Nikhil ran in the Santa Monica 5K.  This was an hour drive and required getting there at 7AM!

Here they are lined up at the starting line with a few thousand other runners.

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Spirit Run 5K

Last weekend, Nikhil and Annika ran in the Spirit Run 5K in Newport Beach.  The weather was perfect, especially compared to last year when it was raining.

Nikhil improved on his time from last year and just missed the 20 minute mark.

This was Annika’s first time at this run which was chipped.  She got just over 25 minutes.

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Brea 8K

Nikhil ran in the Brea 8k last weekend.  This is the longest race of the season at 5 miles.  He achieved a stellar time of 34 minutes flat which is almost a minute faster than his time last year and a pace of 6:50 per mile.  I wish I could do even one mile at that pace!

Here he is at the 1 mile mark at 6:30.

The back half of the course has some hills which slowed down the pack.

Here he is towards the finish line still running with good form.

After the race, the kids got to enjoy Jamba Juice and a whole lot of post race food including CPLK and the Melting Pot!

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Bantam Champs Party

We went to a celebration party to honor the girls in their championship victory.

Here is a great shot of the cake that one of the dads ordered!

And here are the girls lining up to eat their image!

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