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Annika had a race last weekend in Fontana.  This had to be the absolute ugliest course we have run in the 10+ years of races that she and the boys have ever run… and they have been to a lot of races!

Here is the scenic setting!



There was a graffiti lined cinder block wall on one side and the power lines down the center.


At least it was spectator friendly!




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Annika ran her first race of the season at Mt. Sac.

Here she is in the 4K running up the dreaded hill.


And one coming down the hill.


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Cross Country

Annika has run a couple of races this month.

Here she is at the famous Mt. Sac race.


Last week she ran at the Dino Dash 5K and got a new PR of 22:15.


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This weekend, Annika and I ran in the LB Poly Bun Run.  This is a three-mile race in Long Beach.

Here is Annika near the finish line.

Here are me and Annika after the race.  I too ran (but she beat me).

Mom and Dad came down for Labor Day weekend.

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Cross Country Race Season

The new cross country season has started.  Annika had a couple of warmup races the last two weekends.

The first was the USATF Road Mile, held at the former El Toro Air Force Base.  This is a 1 mile straight and flat race.  Very interesting course on an old abandoned runway.  No turns whatsoever.

Here are the girls goofing off during their warm ups.

Once she got started, it was all business. Here she is en route to a 6:15 mile.  A little off her pace from the end of track last season but a good start for her first race.

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Annika ran in the JO’s qualifier in San Diego but just missed the cut for the national team.

Here we are doing the course walk before the start of the race.

Annika looked strong but just missed the cut.


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Dino Dash 2011

Nikhil and Annika both ran in the Dino Dash again this year.

Here is Nikhil chatting before the run.

Alas, no PR’s today!

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