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Rock Solid

We went rock climbing again yesterday. Annika would go every day if we had the energy to take her,

Here are some pictures of the three of them.

This first is Annika top roping on a shorter wall. You can see Vikram in the foreground free-climbing next to her (without a rope).


The second picture is Vikram also using a top rope technique.


The last picture is Nikhil at the very top of the wall. This is one of the harder climbs in the gym. He is about 50 feet up.


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Rock Climbing

Today we went to Solid Rock Gym in Lake Forest. All three of the kids are getting to the top of the wall.

Annika on the wall

Vikram at the top

The first one is Annika coming down.

The second is Nikhil coming down the wall.

We’ve been going for about 3 weeks now.

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