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Diwali 2011

The kids took the day off from school to celebrate Diwali.  Here are Annika, Mira and Harsheta spending the afternoon in our backyard doing rangoli.



The girls pose for a picture (Ankhita, Mira, Maya, Annika and Harsheta).


In the evening, we went over to Arun and Jo’s house for dinner and fireworks.

Diwali Kids

Here are some of the backyard fireworks.

The boys graciously accepting their gifts!

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Halloween Fun

The kids dressed up at school for Halloween before going out for the night.khare-blog-205

They have gone from being princesses, angels and cartoon characters to ghoulish vampires, ghosts and devils!


Here is Annika with her friends.


The best part was the haunted house in Serrano.


Here they are counting and sorting their loot at the end of the night.


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Annika’s Birthday

Anjali took Annika and Emma out to Macaroni Grill for Annika’s birthday. She could not get a smiling face. This was the best of the night!


What a pair of cuties!

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Diwali Get Together

We had a little Diwali dinner on Friday night complete with fireworks for the kids.




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Yesterday the Irvine fire in Santiago Canyon came dangerously close to our house. The Fire Department was doing mandatory evacuations and we had to leave at about 10pm.

The fire jumped over the 261 Freeway and came down the hill to Jamboree Road. This is less than 100 yards from our house.

This first picture is in the late afternoon before it jumped the 261 Freeway. You can see the reddish flames in the background.


This next picture is from our back yard at about 9:30pm. The wind was blowing left to right (in the picture) and there were very large embers blowing across our yard.



We went to Binny’s house and the kids and Anjali spent the night there. I returned back at about 1AM as the raging fire was over. By morning, the fire had died down and we were able to return to our house. The kids were a little scared but everyone is doing well.

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