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Mistletoe Scouts

A couple of days before Christmas, the boys were out selling mistletoe as part of a Boy Scout activity.

There were quite a number of generous individuals, with many donating additional amounts for the benefit of the troop.

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Joey and Annika

This is why it is sooo hard to keep Joey off the couch.

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Junior Olympics 2010

Annika and I got back from the 2010 Junior Olympics.  This year’s event was all the way in Alabama in the South Eastern part of the US.  I have never been to Alabama before but it looked just like any other part of the mid-East.

Here are some pics from the event.  First up is the girls’ team on the day before the race at the course walk.

Here are the girls on the morning of the race – in the high 40’s and threatening to snow.


Here is the starting line with the 250 or so girls lined up and starting the race.

Here is Annika mid way through the race.

And one near the finish line.


Here we are after the race awaiting the results.


Here is a picture of the girls team after winning the National Championship (for the 2nd year in a row).

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Lots of Sports

The kids have been busy with their cross country practice and races.  I have been remiss in posting pics.. but we had a camera issue.  Anyway,  I am back online with a new camera.

Here are a couple from Mt. Sac.

Vikram has also been busy with swimming and water polo.

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Thanksgiving 2010

We went up to the Bay Area for Thanksgiving to visit my parents, Madhu, Abhijit and family.

Here are some pictures with their cousins.

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