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Red Day

Annika had Red Day in school today.  Not sure what the significance of it was but I think it had to do with being “drug free”.


I looked on line and saw a few links to the Heart Association promoting women’s heart disease prevention programs.  I also say several links to Red Ribbon Week which promotes “drug free” in schools.  I think it was the latter this week in our school.

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Cross Country

Nikhil has been running Cross Country again this season. Yesterday he ran at the Mt. Sac Regionals in the 6th Grade Middle School Regionals.  He improved on his time from last year by almost 2 minutes to 9:56 for this 1.2 mile course.  He placed 44th and needed another 40 seconds to medal in the race.  There were 213 kids in the race and the starting line was a madhouse!

Here are some pictures from the race.

Here he is from a couple of other races this season.  This first one is from Pierce College out in the Valley.

Before every race starts, there is a course walk.  Mom and Dad were visiting that weekend and they walked the course.  Here is mom on the walk – Dad took the shortcut and avoided the hill!

Mom Walker

This is from a meet out in Corona with the Corona Panthers.

There are just a few more meets this season.

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I just got back from our “Guys” trip to Moab for 3 days of hard core riding.  Here are some pictures from the trip.

On Day 1 we went to Amasa Back.  This was a relatively easy ride (compared to the next two days)!

On the second day of riding, we went to the world famous Slickrock.  I am definitely in better shape than the last two times.  Still hard, but very doable this year.

It started out in the morning with a bit of rain, but amazingly, the Slickrock was still quite grippy.  The only challenge was the wet sand which caused more than a few crashes!



The last and final day was our ride from Hazard county back to the valley.  

We took a shuttle from downtown Moab to about 9500 ft – about 40 miles of driving.  Last year when we went, it was snowing and we had to drop back down a couple of thousand feet to where it was just raining.

This year, it was overcast at the top but quite ridable.

Here we all are at the top – before the rains started. The shuttle carried fifteen of us with our bikes.





As we get closer to the bottom, it is a full on rain!  Twenty two miles of riding and 6,000 feet of descent!


Three days later, and I am still recovering – bruises and cuts on my arms, a bloody lip, and banged up knees.  Until next year!!

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