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Racing Track

Annika has been busy with her track meets.  She has run  about 5-6 meets and picked up right where she left off last season.

Her specialty is the 1500M and 800M runs.

Here she is at the local Tustin Youth meet where she broke 3:00 in the 800M for the first time.  She has since consistently dropped her times to 2:48 in the 800M and a 5:43 in the 1500M.

Check out her intensity!

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The boys just had their 15th birthday.   We celebrated at home with homemade cup cakes.

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Spring Break

We went up to the Bay Area over spring Break and visited my parents and Abhijit and family.

Here are some pics of the kids at my parent’s house (Nikhil, Vikram, Annika and Maya).

Here are Kiran and Vikram wrestling.

We went to Sky High in Concord.  Here are the kids standing still for one second (at most).



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