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SCMAF State Meet 2009

Today was the SCMAF state meet in Downey.  Nikhil ran the 800M and Annika ran the 400M and 200M.

Here is Nikhil on the podium after coming in 3rd with a 2:36.


Here is Annika powering her way thru another PR on the 400M race.

khare-blog89She had a 4th place finish and a medal in the 400M but just missed the medal in the 200M.


Mom and Dad had come down from the Bay Area to watch their grandkids run!  This was Annika’s last race of the 2009 track season.  Nikhil still has the Junior Olympics to look forward to in a couple of weeks.



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Disneyland Birthday

Last weekend, we took advantage of the Disneyland birthday offer and went back to Disneyland.  Here is a rare picture of Vikram and Annika in true harmony!  This is why they call it the happiest place on earth.



Here is Nikhil, Vikram and Anjali on the Matterhorn ride.


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SCMAF County Meet

Today was the county meet in Laguna Niguel.

Annika surprised us and placed 2nd in the 400M and 3rd in the 200M.  She got a 10 second improvement in her 400M time and another PR in her 200M as well.


Nikhil did very well also finishing 4th in the 800M and improving his time to 2:35.  Both move on the the SCMAF county meet coming up in May.


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I just got back from a week in Hong Kong and China.  

This is a view from my hotel room at the Sheraton overlooking the harbor.  In the center on the other side of the bay is the convention center and on the far right is The Peak.


From our base in HK, we went into mainland China to the cities of Shenzhen, Guangzhou and a couple of other smaller cities.

Going into China was much like visiting India or Nepal.  Lots of cars, smog, traffic and people.  Life is difficult with tremendous amounts of construction in every direction.  This contributes to the daily traffic jams and smog.



After a couple of tough days enduring the travel and food, our host took us to Mission Hills for a wonderful lunch. This is billed as the world’s largest golf course with over twenty courses in the complex.  It  is truly an experience reserved for the uber rich in China.  


There are some fabulous homes along the golf course.  It is comparable to Pelican Hills in Newport Beach.


On my last day there, we got to do some sightseeing around Hong Kong.  We visited the Floating Dragon Restaurant by taking a small ferry. We had a quick lunch and continued on to our next destination.



For the next stop, we went to Repluse Bay where I dipped my feet in the water and shopped at the Stanley Market.




Here is one of the many temples.


Finally, we went to the Peak for dinner and a view.


Another picture from the top of the peak.


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We took the boys to Laser Quest in Fullerton for their birthday party.  Here are some pictures from the afternoon. Each got to invite four friends.  They had home made cake and In-N-Out for lunch.



Anjali also took them to Disneyland’s California Adventure which was offering a “free” day on your birthday promotion deal.




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