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Brea 8k

This morning, Annika and Nikhil ran at the Brea 8k (5.11 miles).  It was a chilly 45 degrees but they both braved the weather.

Here is Nikhil finishing up the race at the 35 minute mark.

Here are a couple of Annika.  This is her first 8K distance.  She came in at 38:24.

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Melting Pot Birthday

Annika just turned 10 and for her birthday, she went to the Melting Pot fondue restaurant with her friends.

Can you say Chocolate Fondue!

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Timberwolf 5K

Annika ran in her first 5K this season and did awesome.  She got a 23:09 on a difficult and hilly course.  Here are some pics.

The first picture is near the beginning of the race.

Here she is near the end of the race – the littlest one around, beating the high school boys!

And enjoying the fruits of her labor after the race 🙂

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Ouch That Hurts!

Nikhil broke his arm last week – both radius and ulna.  He’ll be in a cast for the next 4 weeks.  Fortunately, no surgery needed but the first few days are quite painful.

At the hospital, they now send you home with a CD of x-ray pictures.  This is cool – no more films.

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Water Polo

Vikram has been playing water polo this season and has been in a couple of tournaments.  Here’s some pics from his last two tournaments:

Vikram Water Polo

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