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Tustin Track Meet

This weekend, Nikhil and Annika ran in the Tustin Youth Track Meet.

Nikhil got 2nd in the 1600M and 4th in the 400M with a 5:57 and 0:68 respectively.

Annika got 1st in the 200M and 2nd in the 400M.

Look at her concentration!

They both qualified to move on the the Orange County regional meet in a few weeks.

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Spirit Run 5K

Last weekend, Nikhil and Annika ran in the Spirit Run 5K in Newport Beach.  The weather was perfect, especially compared to last year when it was raining.

Nikhil improved on his time from last year and just missed the 20 minute mark.

This was Annika’s first time at this run which was chipped.  She got just over 25 minutes.

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Collie Meets Bulldog

This past weekend, it was raining but we found a small window that was dry enough to take Joey for a walk.We headed out to the canyon.

On the way home, we stopped off at the Garcia’s house so Joey could meet Bogart.  Bogart may look like a brute but he is a sweetheart and tolerated Joey’s playfulness.

They “dueled” each other for over an hour but by the end of it, they were buddies!

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Brea 8K

Nikhil ran in the Brea 8k last weekend.  This is the longest race of the season at 5 miles.  He achieved a stellar time of 34 minutes flat which is almost a minute faster than his time last year and a pace of 6:50 per mile.  I wish I could do even one mile at that pace!

Here he is at the 1 mile mark at 6:30.

The back half of the course has some hills which slowed down the pack.

Here he is towards the finish line still running with good form.

After the race, the kids got to enjoy Jamba Juice and a whole lot of post race food including CPLK and the Melting Pot!

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