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Museum Visit to LACMA

One of the days on the long weekend, we drove up to Los Angeles to visit the LA County Museum of Art (LACMA) – the largest art museum on the West coast.

First stop was Border Grill for lunch.  Annika tried something new and had some corn tamales and actually liked them.  We went there after seeing one of their chefs on Top Chef Masters – a reality cooking show.  I personally think the food was a bit over rated.  It was too bland and “gringo” for my tastes.  Probably why Annika liked it.

The kids mostly gravitated to the “modern” art.

After the museum visit, we went to Magnolia Bakery.  This is an awesome cafe with some of the best tasting cupcakes – decadent and high calorie.  Just what the kids need.

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Annika’s Got Talent

Annika and her friends performed at the school talent show to the Single Ladies.

Here they are hamming it up.

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Halloween Fun

The kids dressed up at school for Halloween before going out for the night.khare-blog-205

They have gone from being princesses, angels and cartoon characters to ghoulish vampires, ghosts and devils!


Here is Annika with her friends.


The best part was the haunted house in Serrano.


Here they are counting and sorting their loot at the end of the night.


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Disneyland Birthday

Last weekend, we took advantage of the Disneyland birthday offer and went back to Disneyland.  Here is a rare picture of Vikram and Annika in true harmony!  This is why they call it the happiest place on earth.



Here is Nikhil, Vikram and Anjali on the Matterhorn ride.


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We took the boys to Laser Quest in Fullerton for their birthday party.  Here are some pictures from the afternoon. Each got to invite four friends.  They had home made cake and In-N-Out for lunch.



Anjali also took them to Disneyland’s California Adventure which was offering a “free” day on your birthday promotion deal.




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Before our Universal Studios passes expired, I took the kids for one last day to visit the park.

Here are the boys being arrested by the local cop.  Annika enjoyed her moment in the sun.

The new Simpsons ride got a thumbs down from the kids – too short for the long wait.   Instead, we ended up riding the Mummy Ride three times whch was by far their favorite ride in the park!


Here we are at our favorite Crepe Restaurant.


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Halloween Party

We had a Halloween block party at our house yesterday.

All of the kids dressed up as did many of the parents.

Here is Annika as Princess Rosalina from Super Mario Brothers Galaxy.  Don’t ask why she picked that, but she was very specific about what she wanted to be this year!  Anjali sticthed her costume for her because it was so unique. Next to her is her friend Lizzy.

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