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Luna doesn’t quite know what to make of the big waves and she approaches them quite cautiously.Puppy16 - 1Puppy13 - 1Puppy18 - 1

Once she wet, she’s all in!Puppy14 - 1Puppy15 - 1

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Luna has been keeping us busy.  She enjoys digging in the yard.Puppy17 - 1Puppy11 - 1

Here is Luna playing with her fried Shelby.Puppy10 - 1Puppy12 - 1

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Luna Puppy

We just got a new Golden Retriever and her name is Luna.Puppy003 - 1

She is named after a character from Harry Potter named Luna Lovegood.

She is two months old,  11 pounds and so very sweet.

Puppy002 - 1

She’s got quite the personality so far.

Puppy001 - 1

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Smooth Operator

The kids had some fun dressing up Joey today.  He will do anything as long as there is food involved!


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Joey 2, Dad 0

We’ve been trying to break our dog’s habit of sleeping on the sofa at night.  We started putting chairs on it to keep Joey from climbing up on the sofa.  The first night, it worked, but then look what happened the last two nights.  He’s too smart!



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Who’s the Dog?

Here’s Nikhil playing with Joey!

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Joey Gets a Bath

Joey got a bath the other day – it is quite the event as he hates the water.

Here is Anjali doing all the work… while the boys look on.

Here’s Joey as he shakes himself dry!

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Play Hard

Today we took Joey to the dog park and he met another puppy about his same age that likes to play just like him.  Here are some fun pictures.

Playing hard.

A nice take down.

And finally taking a breather!

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Central Bark (aka Dog Park)

Today, we took Joey to the local dog park in Irvine.    This is a big open, fenced in field where we can let Joey tire himself out.

Here is a picture of Joey and his new best friends.

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Joey and Annika

This is why it is sooo hard to keep Joey off the couch.

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What Joey Does When We Are Sleeping

Yesterday morning I came down the stairs to the sight of this!

Sleeping Collie

Is he laughing at me?

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It’s a small world. Joey’s littermate happens to live just a few miles from our house.  Anjali and Annika went to the park to visit Kieran.  Here they are resting after an hour of play time!

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Naughty Joey

Joey continues his naughty streak.  Most recently, he swiped a box of straws from the kitchen counter and then had fun playing with them.

This week, he figured out a way to jump onto Annika’s bed but then couldn’t muster up the courage to jump off.  He sat there whining for over half an hour!

Needless to say that all the bedroom doors are now closed.

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Collie Meets Bulldog

This past weekend, it was raining but we found a small window that was dry enough to take Joey for a walk.We headed out to the canyon.

On the way home, we stopped off at the Garcia’s house so Joey could meet Bogart.  Bogart may look like a brute but he is a sweetheart and tolerated Joey’s playfulness.

They “dueled” each other for over an hour but by the end of it, they were buddies!

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Joey Goes Hiking

We took Joey into the canyon last weekend to get him tired.  He has so much energy and can be quite naughty!

After his hike, he went straight to sleep and wouldn’t be bothered!

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Fireside Collie

Joey continues to grow like a weed and is keeping us very busy.  We’ve had about 8 inches of very much need rain this week so we’ve been spending a lot of time indoors.  Here is Joey enjoying the fire.

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More Joey Pictures

By popular demand, here is a Joey update.

Joey is finally getting into a routine.  He slept seven whole hours last night and only had two little accidents in the house today!  He is also napping a bit more during the day, and seems a lot more relaxed.

Here are some more pics.

We are crate training Joey, but in the meantime, he has picked out a cozy spot by the sofa.

Here’s a couple in our back yard.

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Happy New Year Collie Puppy!

We got our new puppy this afternoon.  He is a 9 week old Smooth Collie.

Here are the first pictures of him in our backyard.

We have tentatively named him Joey!  The other leading names were Sprite, Baron, Google and Jamba!

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