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Summer Beach and Swimming

Now that school is out, the kids are at the pool or beach almost every day.  Here they are at Corona Del Mar beach with their friends.

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School’s Out

The boys graduated from elementary school on Tuesday. Here are some pictures from the morning ceremonies.

Here is Vikram receiving his diploma. I don’t recall such pomp and circumstance when I graduated from 5th grade!

Nikhil and his group were selected to give the graduation speech. Listen to his wise words…. never knew he was so mature!

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School Awards

The kids had their end of year awards ceremony this week. Annika got a Reading award in the school Reading Counts Program.

Nikhil got awards for Science, Reading and a couple of Field Day Awards (one for track and one for long jump).

Vikram raked in a few for Math Olympiad and Reading.

The kids wished their grandparents were there to see them. Maybe for their graduation next week!

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Junior Olympics

Last weekend (both Saturday and Sunday), Nikhil ran at the Junior Olympics Association Meet in Gardena. On Saturday, he ran the 1500M and on Sunday the 800M. He got close to his PR’s on both days but the caliber of the other kids in his heats was outstanding.

Here is his Equalizer team for an end of the year shot.

It was a great season with a lot of learning (for both of us) and a huge improvement for Nikhil. He will start up again in August for Cross Country and be back next year for another season of Track.

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Last week Annika and her friends performed in the school talent show.

Here they are after getting their makeup and costumes done.

Here’s their performance. It is a song by Smash Mouth called All Star.

And here are the glamour girls after their fine performance.

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SCMAF State Meet

Today was the State Meet in Downey at Warren High School. There were about 600 kids from the Bay Area all the way down thru San Diego county. Nikhil ran the 800M. He got another huge PR improvement to 2:45 – a seven second improvement over his time from the County meet last month. He placed 4th overall for his age group. The full meet results are here.

Here he is at the final 100M chasing down the 3rd place finisher.

Here are Nikhil and his teammate Anthony, sharing their medals and matching icees.

Next weekend is the Junior Olympics Association meet where he will be running the 1500M and the 800M. Stay tuned.

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