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Lunar Eclipse

Last night, we stayed up and watched the full lunar eclipse from our back yard. It happened between 2am and 4am Pacific Time and was entirely visible from our balcony.

Here is a link on what that is: http://starryskies.com/The_sky/events/lunar-2003/eclipse1.html

The pictures at the site are better but this is the real thing!


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New Glasses

I have been procrastinating for a while but finally went in for an eye test as my eyes have been hurting at the end of the day.

Sure enough…. I need reading glasses. For those doctors out there, my right eye is a +50 OD and my left eye is a +75 OS. My distance vision is still perfect.

My glasses are on order, a spiffy version of Jhane Barnes designer glasses that were covered by my insurance.

I’ll be seeing better in a week! Shree

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Asit and Family

On Sunday evening the Aithals came over for dinner. You can see Asit’s post here along with a small video.

We made homemade pizza and had White Peach sangria for dinner.

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Muir Woods Hike

On one of the last days in the Bay Area, we went to Muir Woods redwood park.

It was a 2 hour drive from Mom and Dad’s house.

We went for a long hike and saw the redwoods. The tallest trees in the park are 260 feet with a 14 foot diameter and are over 1000 years old. The park has the tallest species of Coast Redwoods in the world.



On the way home we stopped off at the Oak residence in Orinda (from Redwoods to Oaks!). Here are the 3 boys climbing in their backyard.


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Great America Amusement Park

On one of the days in the Bay Area, we went to Paramount’s Great America Park in San Jose.

Here are Mom and Anjali on the Demon ride.

Here are Vikram and Nikhil on the Centrifuge ride:


Here are all of us on the Delirium ride —a powerful spinning pendulum that will send you whirling.


Here are Anjali and Annika on the Log Ride:


Annika went on all of the thrill rides that were allowed for 48″ and under kids.

Mom (Rajani) went on all of the rides! Not bad for a grandma!

We had a great time at the park.

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Winchester Mystery House

We just got back from a week up in San Francisco at Mom and Dad’s house in Morgan Hill. On one of the days, we went to the Winchester Mystery House.

The rich, crazy widow haunted by spirits was told to keep building her house to ward away the evil spirits. She did this for 38 years and during that time built a 160 room mansion over 6 floors high. Here are some pictures from the tour.


The tour takes about 3 hours and covers about 2 miles of walking…. all inside the house!

Nikhil, Annika and Vikram Khare at the Winchester House

The whole Khare Family at the Winchester House


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Math and Science at UC Irvine

The kids just got done with Math and Science camp at UC Irvine. The boys did experiments on copper pennies. They made their own mold garden consisting of old cheese, mango skins, stale bread etc. They also built a cardboard roller coaster.


Annika also attended and made ice cream, experimented on eggs and vinegar and experimented with magnets.



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This week we went to the La Brea Tar Pits. La Brea is one of the world’s most famous fossil localities, recognized for having the largest and most diverse assemblage of extinct Ice Age plants and animals in the world. Visitors can learn about Los Angeles as it was between 10,000 and 40,000 years ago, during the last Ice Age, when animals such as saber-toothed cats and mammoths roamed the Los Angeles Basin.

Enough of the commercial. Here are some pictures from our visit.

This first one is one of the active tar pits. You can see the methane gas bubbling up thru the water.

The reason there are so many fossils is that the animals used to try to drink the water and would get stuck in the tar and die.





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