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Roman Holiday

In December 2019, we went to Rome for a week, arriving on Christmas Day. It was unseasonably warm which made for a great vacation and without a lot of tourists. This is our third trip to Italy as a family. The first time was when the boys were 4 and Annika was 6 months old! It’s absolutely one of our favorite vacation spots.

We stayed at a nice apartment near the Piazza Navona. All the major attractions are within walking distance from there.

Below is the family at the Pantheon.

Abhijit and Apurva came at the last minute to visit (all the way from Orinda)!

Here’s the boys at the Trevi Fountain with the obligatory coin toss.

Below, I am pretending to be Caesar near the Colosseum.

Here is the Vatican. Easy to visit and see without the throngs of tourists.

An “illegal” picture from inside the Sistine Chapel (no picture taking allowed).

Just past the Vatican is an old indoor locals market. One of the stalls had wines that were amazing. Of course Abhijit being the sommelier that he is was able to pick some amazing wines. They fill the bottle for you and you can bring it back the next day for a refill. Pretty cool.

I’ll end it on a funny picture. This was a dessert at one of our favorite restaurants. It sounded quite fancy in Italian, but ended up being a plate of oranges!

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Going to College

Annika got accepted to Harvey Mudd college and will be attending in September 2019 as a Freshman (in North Dorm).

Here are some pictures from her orientation day.

For those that know… the picture below is actually taken at Scripps College (next door).

So proud that she is able to attend such a great college (and my alma mater)!

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Annika graduated from High School and Vikram from UC San Diego both in June 2019.

Below, Vikram receiving his Math/CS Degree from UC San Diego!

June 2019 UC San Diego
Proud Mom!

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Annika went to a bunch of different formal and other events. Here are some pics with her and her friends.

Homecoming 2018

It’s now so obvious to me that yellow is her favorite color!

Homecoming 2019
Prom 2019 – Laguna Beach
Prom 2019 – Laguna Beach
Prom 2019
Prom 2019 Laguna Beach
Winter Formal 2019

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We took our biyearly family photos at the cliffs in La Jolla.

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Mexico Trip

It’s been a long time since I posted to our blog so here I am catching up on Lots of excitement!

In December 2017 we went to Playa Del Carmen, Tulum and Chichen Itza.

Here are some pictures from that trip starting from Playa Del Carmen.

Anjali and I by the Tulum ruins

We did a day trip to Chichen Itza and hiked up the pyramids.

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Luna doesn’t quite know what to make of the big waves and she approaches them quite cautiously.Puppy16 - 1Puppy13 - 1Puppy18 - 1

Once she wet, she’s all in!Puppy14 - 1Puppy15 - 1

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Luna has been keeping us busy.  She enjoys digging in the yard.Puppy17 - 1Puppy11 - 1

Here is Luna playing with her fried Shelby.Puppy10 - 1Puppy12 - 1

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Luna Puppy

We just got a new Golden Retriever and her name is Luna.Puppy003 - 1

She is named after a character from Harry Potter named Luna Lovegood.

She is two months old,  11 pounds and so very sweet.

Puppy002 - 1

She’s got quite the personality so far.

Puppy001 - 1

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High School Graduation

Nikhil and Vikram both graduated from Beckman High School in June and will soon be on their way to UC San Diego (both of them).

Here they are in the procession line.


Here is Nikhil receiving his diploma.


Here is Vikram after receiving his diploma.


And finally the boys with their grand parents.


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Annika’s Promotion

Annika is starting high school now.  Here are some pictures from her Promotion ceremony in June.khare-blog-331


Here she is with Mom and Dad.


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The boys had a practice session this week before the big day next Wednesday.



Here is Annika with her big brothers.


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We hosted Thanksgiving Dinner at our house for the first time in many years.  The Oak family came down to visit.

Here’s the gang enjoying dinner.


We rented the farm table from Classic Party Rentals big enough to seat all of us comfortably!


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Happy New Year

We went to Crystal Cove Beach on New Year’s Day and took some family pics at sunset.





It took a lot of coaxing to get everyone to the beach but worth it!

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This was a very busy weekend.  Annika had a Bat Mitzvah for one of her childhood friends – Samantha.


Here are Annika and Lizzy before the ceremony.


Later in the evening, Nikhil had a Homecoming formal dance.  Here is Nikhil with Emily.


Here is a picture with his friends.


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Grand Canyon

We went to the Grand Canyon over Spring Break.


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Legal Eagle

Nikhil had a mock trial at school with a real judge.  Here he is dressed for the part.


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Santa Visit

Santa came to our neighborhood last night.  Annika and Harsheta got to pose with him.


Why in the world does Santa have tinted glasses on?

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