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Today I went for a long bike ride up the Santiago Trail to Old Camp (8 miles) back down the Luge, past Four Corners and back to the main gate for a total ride of 18 miles round trip. I haven’t done this in several months but felt pretty good. Total elevation gain is 2600 feet in about 3 hours.

I have two more weeks to put in some long distance miles before our annual trip to Moab.

The weather today was perfect and the views were the best I’ve seen in a long time. We had about 1/2 inch of rain yesterday so the trail was firm and dry with a temperature in the mid 60’s – perfect for riding this trail.

Here’s some pictures from today:

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Yesterday we went to practice at Foothill high school. The miles are getting easier. The kids did 1 mile of warm up laps and then we either go out running for an additional 3-4 or work on running techniques.

The coach timed all the kids on a straight flat dirt trail. Nikhil did a 3:14 half mile which is a huge improvement from when we started just 4 or so weeks ago! A few more weeks and he should be in the 2’s.

Here is the team – lots of younger kids! Nikhil is the third boy from the left. Coach Jerry is on the far right facing the kids.

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AYSO Soccer

Vikram has started playing AYSO soccer this season. They have practice twice a week and games on Saturday.

This is his first year so he is learning quickly. Anjali is volunteering as the Team Mom – so she gets to coordinate all of the practice announcements, banner, collect funds and coordinate all of the communication to the soccer parents on the team.

Their team is named the Blue Tsunami’s.


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Macaroni Grill Tonight

Tonight we went to dinner at Macaroni Grill. This was Vikram’s selection today since he loves to eat pasta.



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First Day of School

The kids started school this week. Nikhil and Vikram are in 5th grade and Annika is in 1st grade.

They are happy with their new teachers and have their friends in their class.

Here is Annika with her friends.


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Cross Country

Two weeks ago Nikhil started a cross country running program. He joined the Equalizer Track Club. They started off with some 1-2 mile runs two weeks ago. Last week it was 2 mile runs 3 times. Then on Saturday morning we went on a 4 mile run. Here is Nikhil after the run on Saturday. In order to keep him going, his dad (Shree) also had to run with him – I was thoroughly wiped out after that run. I do hope it gets easier!


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