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Annika’s Birthday

Last weekend was Annika’s 9th birthday.  We took her and her friends to Scooters Jungle.   Here are some pictures from the party.

Scooters has a bunch of inflatable slides and jumps.

Anjali made some homemade chocolate cupcakes.  Here is Annika’s with nine candles.

Here are all the girls at the end of the day.

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This video speaks for itself!!

They’ve been playing too much guitar hero.  Acting credits go to Nikhil and Ryan.  Camera work by Annika and music by Sam.

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Bantam Champs Party

We went to a celebration party to honor the girls in their championship victory.

Here is a great shot of the cake that one of the dads ordered!

And here are the girls lining up to eat their image!

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OC 5k

Annika ran at the Orange Coast 5K and got a second place finish.

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Joey Goes Hiking

We took Joey into the canyon last weekend to get him tired.  He has so much energy and can be quite naughty!

After his hike, he went straight to sleep and wouldn’t be bothered!

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Annika’s Got Talent

Annika and her friends performed at the school talent show to the Single Ladies.

Here they are hamming it up.

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China Boom

I got back from my trip to Hong Kong and China.  The most striking thing is the booming economy there.  You wouldn’t know there is a recession here in the states.

Here is a picture from one of the hotels in mainland China.   The smog lingers constantly and the construction continues into the night.

Here is one of an 8 story shopping mall.   One of the malls we visited was all electronics fakes.  Their slogan there is “you make it, we fake it”.

Here is one of the beautiful harbor area looking from Kowloon to HK island.  I visited my friend Todd and also Alka mavshi and Naya kaka who both live in the midlevels area on Hong Kong island.

Here is a picture from their apartment.

Mavshi cooked me a wonderful home-cooked meal which was very nice after being on the road for so long.

On the Friday night I spent there, Todd and his wife Anne took me to the American Club.  It was a wonderful oasis for expats and served some of the best food I had there for two weeks!

A good trip… and I got really good at using chop sticks!

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