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Threatened Once Again

Here is picture of the Yorba Linda Fire from our house – we are about 15 miles south of the fire zone.


Today, I went with Nikhil to the Mt. Sac Race.  Amazingly, they still held the race near Diamond Bar and the air quality was still good this morning. On the way home, however, the 57 freeway was closed and we had to make our way south on city streets.  It took about an hour to go 10 miles!


We got back on the freeway heading south at the Lambert on ramp.  Here we are escaping the smoke!


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Big Macs

Vikram played in his last regular season soccer game on Saturday.  His team’s name is the Big Macs.

Here are some pics from the game.


Here is a picture of Vikram heading the ball.


Here he is team in a huddle.  If you look in the background, you can see the smoke clouds from the Yorba Linda file about 15 miles away.  The air quality in our neighborhood was surprisingly good.


Here is Vikram – his nickname is “freight train” and you can guess why.


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Dino Dash 2008

Nikhil ran in the Tustin Dino Dash 5K this morning.  This was his second time and he improved from his previous time by a whopping six minutes and nine seconds.  Last year he got 26:39 and this year, his time was 20:30!  The course was a full 5K which means he averaged about a 6:35 mile pace.  Here is a link to the official results.  If you are looking for my 2009 post and results, click here.

Here are a couple of pictures from the race.

Nikhil placed 116th overall and 2nd place among 11 year olds.  There were about 2300 people running in the race.  What an improvement!

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Halloween Party

We had a Halloween block party at our house yesterday.

All of the kids dressed up as did many of the parents.

Here is Annika as Princess Rosalina from Super Mario Brothers Galaxy.  Don’t ask why she picked that, but she was very specific about what she wanted to be this year!  Anjali sticthed her costume for her because it was so unique. Next to her is her friend Lizzy.

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Happy Diwali

We had a Diwali get together with Arun, Jo and their girls this week along with all of the requisite fireworks.

It got quite smoky and loud with the firecrackers, smoke bomb and whistling fireworks.

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