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The Paris bus and train strike that started last week almost derailed (pun intended) our plans to visit Paris over the weekend. We ended up cancelling our train tickets and instead drove the 525km trip from Geneva to Paris. The drive itself was fairly easy with the TomTom GPS system and the outstanding toll roads in France.

We were able to do all of the touristy things including a visit to the Eiffel Tower, Orsay Museum, Notre Dame, Champs Elysses and The Louvre.

Here are a few pictures with more to come later.

This is a picture of the toll road on the way into Paris on Friday afternoon. No traffic until the last 20 km and consistent speeds between 130kph and 160kph.


On Saturday, we started off at Notre Dame Cathedral.


We then went to the Orsay Museum. Featured were paintings from Degas, Cezanne, van Gogh, Toulouse-Lautrec, Monet, Manet, Degas and numerous other famous works of art.


We spent the the rest of the afternoon on the Champs Elysees. As we were standing at the Arc de Triumph pictured below, we saw a green Jag getting sideswiped by another car!


We did some window shopping and some real shopping. More on that in another post!

Late in the afternoon we visited Cafe Laduree on the Champs. This is the best 20 Euro cup of coffee and desert for two that money can buy. All kidding aside, the cafe is outstanding and I would highly recommend taking a tea break at Laduree after a full day of sightseeing and shopping. Make sure to sit upstairs and look out over the Champs as you enjoy your outstanding cafe au lait and savor the fabulous desserts!

Finally, we went to the Eiffel Tower on Saturday evening and watched the sun set as the lights illuminated the tower. The tower is even more impressive in person than any pictures can do justice to.


C’était un jour romantique.

Anjali is on her way home today…… I return in a few more days after finishing up some more meetings here in Geneva.

I’ll post some more pictures tomorrow. Au revoir!

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Diwali Get Together

We had a little Diwali dinner on Friday night complete with fireworks for the kids.




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50 Places to Visit Before You Die

As I was searching the internet for articles on our upcoming trip(s) (more to come on that),  I came across this fun article originally published by the BBC.  It lists their top 50 places to visit before you die.  Interestingly enough, not a single item is in the UK!
I am up to 13 with just 37 to go. How many do you have?

  1. The Grand Canyon
  2. Great Barrier Reef
  3. Florida
  4. South Island
  5. Cape Town
  6. Golden Temple
  7. Las Vegas
  8. Sydney
  9. New York
  10. Taj Mahal
  11. Canadian Rockies
  12. Uluru
  13. Chichen Itza — Mexico
  14. Machu Picchu — Peru
  15. Niagara Falls
  16. Petra — Jordan
  17. The Pyramids — Egypt
  18. Venice
  19. Maldives
  20. Great Wall of China
  21. Victoria Falls — Zimbabwe
  22. Hong Kong
  23. Yosemite National Park
  24. Hawaii
  25. Auckland — New Zealand
  26. Iguassu Falls
  27. Paris
  28. Alaska
  29. Angkor Wat — Cambodia
  30. Himalayas — Nepal
  31. Rio de Janeiro — Brazil
  32. Masai Mara — Kenya
  33. Galapagos Islands — Ecuador
  34. Luxor — Egypt
  35. Rome
  36. San Francisco
  37. Barcelona
  38. Dubai
  39. Singapore
  40. La Digue — Seychelles
  41. Sri Lanka
  42. Bangkok
  43. Barbados
  44. Iceland
  45. Terracotta Army — China
  46. Zermatt — Switzerland
  47. Angel Falls — Venezuela
  48. Abu Simbel — Egypt
  49. Bali
  50. French Polynesia


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Today was the 5K Dino Dash in Tustin. Nikhil and I both ran. No good pictures since we were both running and I couldn’t stop for pics.


We both ran hard and Nikhil finished at 26:39 minutes and I finished at 27:19 minutes. This is his second 5K and looks like it is about a 30 secon improvement in time since the Chapman 5K. Nikhil was 25th in his age group and I was 45th in my age group! I would add that we were slow to start by at least 30 seconds at the starting line because of the throngs of people in front of us and having to dodge some very slow people.   There were 2244 people running in this 5K.  The official results are posted on the website.

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Halloween Booty

This past Wednesday night was Halloween, a time for trick or treating and getting as much candy from the neighbors as possible. The kids did not disappoint!

First, the costumes. Nikhil and Vikram dressed up as characters from their favorite Nintendo game, the Legend of Zelda.link_zelda.png

See if you can find the resemblance. This is Nikhil at one of the more creative neighborhood displays.img_2240.jpg

This next one is Vikram


Here is one with them and the neighborhood kids.


And finally, here is Annika as a Spider Princess with her friend.


Here they are back home after collecting 14.3 pounds of candy (displayed is just a small sample of the take)! Their favorites are Skittles, Smarties and Snickers – seems like the same favorites from when we were kids!


The special prize goes to Anjali for making the boys costumes. They looked really good in their outfits.

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