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Beckman Prom

Vikram went to Prom last weekend.  Here he is all dressed up with his date.prom-pic-001

prom-pic-002Here he is with all his friends before the big event!



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Annika just completed her 5th grade promotion and will be starting Middle School in September.

Here are some pictures from today.

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Nikhil has started cross country season and is running for his high school team.  Here are some pictures from his first two meets.

Nikhil got his groove back in the second race, improving by 1 1/2 minutes to an 18:52 in the 3 mile race.There were 400 Freshman kids in this race from as far away as San Diego and Las Vegas!

Here are Nikhil and his friend Anthony after their race.

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Back to School

The kids are back in school – here are a couple of pics of the boys on their first day of High School!

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Last weekend I had my UCLA MBA reunion with my fellow study group.  Several of them flew in from all corners of the world.

On Saturday, we went on a cruise to Catalina aboard the USS Lane Victory.  This is an old WWII era cargo ship that has been restored and sails just three times a year.

Below from the right are Doc, Dave and Witold.



Below are the 50mm guns used to protect the ship.


The tour included an airplane simulated battle.

Here is one of the fire boats putting on a show.

Here is our whole group back at the San Pedro docks.

On Sunday, we went to brunch in Laguna beach.  Two of the other guys joined us… Paul on the right in aqua and Steve with the hat.

We hit the beach for a while and then hit the Festival of Arts and the Pageant of the Masters.

Busy weekend and great to see everyone.

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The boys were officially promoted from 8th grade to High School last week.  First are some pics from their promotion party and the actual graduation event at school.

Here are the boys accepting their Honor Roll awards during the rehearsal ceremony.And finally, the actual ceremony.

How about a congratulations to the parents  Is that Anjali crying with tears of joy?

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MVP Awards

On Tuesday, Nikhil received an award from the the Elks Club and his school for Cross Country Season.  Awards were presented to the MVP’s from each school in Orange County for a variety of sports.  Here he is going up to receive his award.

Here are the boys from each school in OC for Cross Country (his friend Anthony is next to him representing Hewes).

Here is one with all the kids in his school representing the different sports programs.

And finally one with his coach and teacher.

Good job Nikhil!

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Red Day

Annika had Red Day in school today.  Not sure what the significance of it was but I think it had to do with being “drug free”.


I looked on line and saw a few links to the Heart Association promoting women’s heart disease prevention programs.  I also say several links to Red Ribbon Week which promotes “drug free” in schools.  I think it was the latter this week in our school.

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School’s Out

The boys graduated from elementary school on Tuesday. Here are some pictures from the morning ceremonies.

Here is Vikram receiving his diploma. I don’t recall such pomp and circumstance when I graduated from 5th grade!

Nikhil and his group were selected to give the graduation speech. Listen to his wise words…. never knew he was so mature!

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School Awards

The kids had their end of year awards ceremony this week. Annika got a Reading award in the school Reading Counts Program.

Nikhil got awards for Science, Reading and a couple of Field Day Awards (one for track and one for long jump).

Vikram raked in a few for Math Olympiad and Reading.

The kids wished their grandparents were there to see them. Maybe for their graduation next week!

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Annika had a school project called Flat Stanley. She sent her Stanley to Madhura maushi in Melbourne Australia.

With Madhura, Stanley travelled the city and visited many special places.

When Stanley returned, Annika got to present Stanley’s adventures to her class. She now wants to go visit Australia!

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Petersbery Writing Award

Last week Annika received an award for her 1st grade class for creative writing.

Here are some pictures.


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Vikram got a Student of the Month award for his class.

Here he is accepting his award!


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Annika the Math Wiz

Annika received a Math Achievement award for her first grade.

Here she is with her teacher Mrs. Shattles.


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Reading Counts

Well, we’re back home and adjusting to the time zone shift.

The kids all of a sudden have picked up a voracious reading habit.  Here is the three of them hanging out on the sofa in the evening reading.  No coaxing or urging required – just genuine interest.  It warms my heart!


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Walk to School Day

Today was International Walk to School Day (IWALK)! I have the day off as I’m driving to Moab this afternoon so I walked the kids to school.  It is about a mile each way.


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First Day of School

The kids started school this week. Nikhil and Vikram are in 5th grade and Annika is in 1st grade.

They are happy with their new teachers and have their friends in their class.

Here is Annika with her friends.


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Math and Science at UC Irvine

The kids just got done with Math and Science camp at UC Irvine. The boys did experiments on copper pennies. They made their own mold garden consisting of old cheese, mango skins, stale bread etc. They also built a cardboard roller coaster.


Annika also attended and made ice cream, experimented on eggs and vinegar and experimented with magnets.



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Last week, Anjali and I went to Ayushee’s graduation from Oxford Academy. She graduated with distinction and received several scholarships to the school of her choice, the USC Medical Program.


After the graduation ceremonies, we went to The Melting Pot for dinner.

Congratulations to Ayushee!

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