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I just got back from our “Guys” trip to Moab for 3 days of hard core riding.  Here are some pictures from the trip.

On Day 1 we went to Amasa Back.  This was a relatively easy ride (compared to the next two days)!

On the second day of riding, we went to the world famous Slickrock.  I am definitely in better shape than the last two times.  Still hard, but very doable this year.

It started out in the morning with a bit of rain, but amazingly, the Slickrock was still quite grippy.  The only challenge was the wet sand which caused more than a few crashes!



The last and final day was our ride from Hazard county back to the valley.  

We took a shuttle from downtown Moab to about 9500 ft – about 40 miles of driving.  Last year when we went, it was snowing and we had to drop back down a couple of thousand feet to where it was just raining.

This year, it was overcast at the top but quite ridable.

Here we all are at the top – before the rains started. The shuttle carried fifteen of us with our bikes.





As we get closer to the bottom, it is a full on rain!  Twenty two miles of riding and 6,000 feet of descent!


Three days later, and I am still recovering – bruises and cuts on my arms, a bloody lip, and banged up knees.  Until next year!!

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