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Annika turned 13 yesterday.  She went with her friends to Cheesecake factory for dinner.  Here are some pics.

Here she is with her friend Lizzy at our house.


Here are all the girls at the Cheescake factory.bday3

Posing for a picture after dinner.

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Over Thanksgiving holiday, we went up to Mom and Dad’s house.

Here is a picture of the kids with their cousins (Kiran and Maya).

On Thanksgiving morning, the kids ran a 5K race in San Jose called the Silicon Valley 5K.  This race had 11,000 plus runners.  Annika got 2nd place in the 9 and under category and Nihil got 2nd place in the 13 and under category.

Annika knocked another 30 seconds off her 5K time from last month and Nikhil got another sub 20 time though both were slowed down by having to dodge the slower runners that lined up in front of them.  It was crazy!

For Thanksgiving dinner, we went to Abhijit’s house.  He had spent all day cooking a monster dinner.  Here are the girls before dinner.

Here are the boys working on their seventh piece of homemade pie!

Here are all the kids after dinner.

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The boys had their 11th birthday this past week and we celebrated by taking them out to Champagne Bakery (their choice).  They ate strawberry crepes for dinner.

They also had a sleep over with their friends and had homemade chocolate fondue (again their choice).  Are you sensing a French theme here?

They then stayed up and played video games until two in the morning!

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Black Tie Dinner

Last night, Anjali and I attended a black tie charity dinner for the Roosters Foundation. This is a non-profit serving the needs of children’s charities in Orange County.

Our good friend Mohan sponsored a table and we all got to enjoy a night out and a fabulous dinner cooked specially for our table from the master chef at Tabu Grill in Laguna Beach.

Here are some pictures from the evening.

Here we are in our front yard before heading out for the evening.


Here are Mohan and Prachee.


This is the master chef with his sous chef preparing the meal at our table. We were treated to a sumptuous 5 course meal complete with a full complement of wine, cheese, and dessert.



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Macaroni Grill Tonight

Tonight we went to dinner at Macaroni Grill. This was Vikram’s selection today since he loves to eat pasta.



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