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Christmas Day in the OC

We went out for our annual family picture at a park in Irvine.  khare-blog-004khare-blog-003khare-blog-0071khare-blog-006

Its getting harder and harder each year to get them up for a picture.  Here’s their “serious” pose.


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We hosted Thanksgiving Dinner at our house for the first time in many years.  The Oak family came down to visit.

Here’s the gang enjoying dinner.


We rented the farm table from Classic Party Rentals big enough to seat all of us comfortably!


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More Joey Pictures

By popular demand, here is a Joey update.

Joey is finally getting into a routine.  He slept seven whole hours last night and only had two little accidents in the house today!  He is also napping a bit more during the day, and seems a lot more relaxed.

Here are some more pics.

We are crate training Joey, but in the meantime, he has picked out a cozy spot by the sofa.

Here’s a couple in our back yard.

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Christmas Beach

Mom and Dad came down on Christmas Day with my nephew, Vinayak.  We went down to Crystal Cove Beach and enjoyed the sunset.

Here is Vinayak with Mom, Anjali and Vikram.  Vinayak is a Junior at Purdue studying EE (my cousin Raju’s son).

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Over Thanksgiving holiday, we went up to Mom and Dad’s house.

Here is a picture of the kids with their cousins (Kiran and Maya).

On Thanksgiving morning, the kids ran a 5K race in San Jose called the Silicon Valley 5K.  This race had 11,000 plus runners.  Annika got 2nd place in the 9 and under category and Nihil got 2nd place in the 13 and under category.

Annika knocked another 30 seconds off her 5K time from last month and Nikhil got another sub 20 time though both were slowed down by having to dodge the slower runners that lined up in front of them.  It was crazy!

For Thanksgiving dinner, we went to Abhijit’s house.  He had spent all day cooking a monster dinner.  Here are the girls before dinner.

Here are the boys working on their seventh piece of homemade pie!

Here are all the kids after dinner.

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New Year’s Party

We went to the King’s for New Year’s Eve. The kids all stayed up till midnight and toasted champagne (or apple cider).

(click on the pic to see the whole thing)


At midnight they went out and banged on some pots and pans to bring in the new year and wake up all the neighbors!


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Family Get Together

Here is a picture of Abhijit and Co. and our family.

(click on the pic to see the whole thing)


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Annika wrote out her Christmas wish list for us. I thought some of the items were quite cute so I thought I’d share.

Here they are:

1. The Collie Webkinz or Penguin Little kinz or both

2. New petshops

3. A santa hat

4. A new DS game (only because her brothers want new DS games)

5. to see your reindeers and what are their names?

6. The Paws Off pet shop diary

7. The chiwawa [sic] webkinz

I left the spellings, grammar and punctuations as original!

These Webkinz continue to be a hot toy and all three of them have it on their lists. I have a pretty good feeling Santa has already bought some Webkinz for them!

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Diwali Get Together

We had a little Diwali dinner on Friday night complete with fireworks for the kids.




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