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Cross Country

Annika has run a couple of races this month.

Here she is at the famous Mt. Sac race.


Last week she ran at the Dino Dash 5K and got a new PR of 22:15.


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Dino Dash 5K 2009

Nikhil and Annika ran in the Tustin Dino Dash 5K.  Nikhil crashed through the 20 minute barrier.  This was Annika’s first time at the Dino Dash.  There were about 2000 runners in the race.  You can see Annika in the green shirt in the back of the picture.



Here is Nikhil near the finish on his way to a 19:25 time.


Here is Annika after the run with Mom.   Mom and Dad were down for the weekend to watch the race and visit the grandkids.


Here are Annika, Nikhil and their friend Colby.  Annika got a 24:50 time and a second place medal for her age group.


The full results are posted here (overall 5K) and here (age division awards).

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Dino Dash 2008

Nikhil ran in the Tustin Dino Dash 5K this morning.  This was his second time and he improved from his previous time by a whopping six minutes and nine seconds.  Last year he got 26:39 and this year, his time was 20:30!  The course was a full 5K which means he averaged about a 6:35 mile pace.  Here is a link to the official results.  If you are looking for my 2009 post and results, click here.

Here are a couple of pictures from the race.

Nikhil placed 116th overall and 2nd place among 11 year olds.  There were about 2300 people running in the race.  What an improvement!

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