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Irvine Housing Market

The housing market here in the Irvine/Tustin area is clearly headed for a downfall. We have several properties on our street that have been sitting on the market for months. The number of foreclosures are at a record high and increasing monthly. On the weekends when we drive around, the “bank repo” signs are out and we are hearing of more and more distress among neighbors who have used their house as an ATM machine for the past several years.

I have been following this blog for the past couple of months from an Irvine resident and probably a realtor. It is a good read and will give you a good idea of what is going on in Tustin. Click here: Irvine Housing Blog.

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Yesterday the Irvine fire in Santiago Canyon came dangerously close to our house. The Fire Department was doing mandatory evacuations and we had to leave at about 10pm.

The fire jumped over the 261 Freeway and came down the hill to Jamboree Road. This is less than 100 yards from our house.

This first picture is in the late afternoon before it jumped the 261 Freeway. You can see the reddish flames in the background.


This next picture is from our back yard at about 9:30pm. The wind was blowing left to right (in the picture) and there were very large embers blowing across our yard.



We went to Binny’s house and the kids and Anjali spent the night there. I returned back at about 1AM as the raging fire was over. By morning, the fire had died down and we were able to return to our house. The kids were a little scared but everyone is doing well.

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