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School Awards

The kids had their end of year awards ceremony this week. Annika got a Reading award in the school Reading Counts Program.

Nikhil got awards for Science, Reading and a couple of Field Day Awards (one for track and one for long jump).

Vikram raked in a few for Math Olympiad and Reading.

The kids wished their grandparents were there to see them. Maybe for their graduation next week!

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Annika the Math Wiz

Annika received a Math Achievement award for her first grade.

Here she is with her teacher Mrs. Shattles.


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Math and Science at UC Irvine

The kids just got done with Math and Science camp at UC Irvine. The boys did experiments on copper pennies. They made their own mold garden consisting of old cheese, mango skins, stale bread etc. They also built a cardboard roller coaster.


Annika also attended and made ice cream, experimented on eggs and vinegar and experimented with magnets.



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