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Adventure in Melbourne

We just got back from our trip down under.  Anjali and the kids went out a week early and stayed at Madhura’s house.

Here are some pictures from Melbourne.  This first one is a park within walking distance from Madhura’s house.

This is a picture from Mount Dandenong.

Here is a picture with Keya.

Here is one of a parakeet eating spicy potato chips from Nikhil’s hand!

Here is one in Cardenia with some kangaroos behind the gang.

The kids in front of the James Cook historic cottage.

Here is one at the Melbourne Aquarium.

I’ll continue on another post.

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Annika had a school project called Flat Stanley. She sent her Stanley to Madhura maushi in Melbourne Australia.

With Madhura, Stanley travelled the city and visited many special places.

When Stanley returned, Annika got to present Stanley’s adventures to her class. She now wants to go visit Australia!

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