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Sub Six Club

Annika has had a few more track meets in the last month and has been picking up her pace.  Here she is in a 1500m race en route to a new PR of 5:31.



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Annika had her first track race of the season in Compton.  She ran the 1500m.

Here she is after the first 250m.


Great form.


And down the final 100m to a 5:47 finish.


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Equalizer Track Meet

Annika ran her last track meet of the 2009 season.  She got a big PR in both the 1600M and the 800M events.  Here she is on her way to a 7:34 mile.


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SCMAF State Meet 2009

Today was the SCMAF state meet in Downey.  Nikhil ran the 800M and Annika ran the 400M and 200M.

Here is Nikhil on the podium after coming in 3rd with a 2:36.


Here is Annika powering her way thru another PR on the 400M race.

khare-blog89She had a 4th place finish and a medal in the 400M but just missed the medal in the 200M.


Mom and Dad had come down from the Bay Area to watch their grandkids run!  This was Annika’s last race of the 2009 track season.  Nikhil still has the Junior Olympics to look forward to in a couple of weeks.



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Phoenix Track Meet

Last weekend we went to Phoenix for a track meet with Nikhil’s club.  He ran in the 3000M and 1500M.


He PR’d in both events and crashed thru the 6 minute mile pace for the first time in the 1500M with a time of 5:30.

Here he is with his teammates before the 15000M.


His 1500M and 300M times place him in the Top 40 in the country on Elite Youth.  

His two teammates are 5th and 10th in the rankings in the 1500M and 2nd and 3rd in the 3000M.

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Tustin Youth Track Meet

Today was the annual city track meet.  Annika ran her first ever track meet and won 1st place in both the 400M and 200M events. 

Here she is with her medal collection.



Nikhil also ran in the 800M and 400M and got 2nd and 3rd place.  More importantly, he PR’d both his races from his best times last year.


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Junior Olympics

Last weekend (both Saturday and Sunday), Nikhil ran at the Junior Olympics Association Meet in Gardena. On Saturday, he ran the 1500M and on Sunday the 800M. He got close to his PR’s on both days but the caliber of the other kids in his heats was outstanding.

Here is his Equalizer team for an end of the year shot.

It was a great season with a lot of learning (for both of us) and a huge improvement for Nikhil. He will start up again in August for Cross Country and be back next year for another season of Track.

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