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SCMAF State Meet 2009

Today was the SCMAF state meet in Downey.  Nikhil ran the 800M and Annika ran the 400M and 200M.

Here is Nikhil on the podium after coming in 3rd with a 2:36.


Here is Annika powering her way thru another PR on the 400M race.

khare-blog89She had a 4th place finish and a medal in the 400M but just missed the medal in the 200M.


Mom and Dad had come down from the Bay Area to watch their grandkids run!  This was Annika’s last race of the 2009 track season.  Nikhil still has the Junior Olympics to look forward to in a couple of weeks.



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SCMAF State Meet

Today was the State Meet in Downey at Warren High School. There were about 600 kids from the Bay Area all the way down thru San Diego county. Nikhil ran the 800M. He got another huge PR improvement to 2:45 – a seven second improvement over his time from the County meet last month. He placed 4th overall for his age group. The full meet results are here.

Here he is at the final 100M chasing down the 3rd place finisher.

Here are Nikhil and his teammate Anthony, sharing their medals and matching icees.

Next weekend is the Junior Olympics Association meet where he will be running the 1500M and the 800M. Stay tuned.

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