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Racing Track

Annika has been busy with her track meets.  She has run  about 5-6 meets and picked up right where she left off last season.

Her specialty is the 1500M and 800M runs.

Here she is at the local Tustin Youth meet where she broke 3:00 in the 800M for the first time.  She has since consistently dropped her times to 2:48 in the 800M and a 5:43 in the 1500M.

Check out her intensity!

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Big Macs

Vikram played in his last regular season soccer game on Saturday.  His team’s name is the Big Macs.

Here are some pics from the game.


Here is a picture of Vikram heading the ball.


Here he is team in a huddle.  If you look in the background, you can see the smoke clouds from the Yorba Linda file about 15 miles away.  The air quality in our neighborhood was surprisingly good.


Here is Vikram – his nickname is “freight train” and you can guess why.


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Nikhil ran his first 5K of the season on Sunday in the Guy Poncy 5K at the Block in Orange.  We haven’t done any running during summer break yet he still ran a 26:07.

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Nikhil got his Brown Belt in Karate this week. Here are some pictures from his test.

Here he is breaking a board.

And finally, here he is receiving his Brown Belt.

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Soccer Season

Vikram had his end of soccer season party this week.

Here he is with his team, the Volcanoes.

Here are some pictures from his last game.  He played goalie in this game. He’s wearing the green jersey.

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SCMAF State Meet

Today was the State Meet in Downey at Warren High School. There were about 600 kids from the Bay Area all the way down thru San Diego county. Nikhil ran the 800M. He got another huge PR improvement to 2:45 – a seven second improvement over his time from the County meet last month. He placed 4th overall for his age group. The full meet results are here.

Here he is at the final 100M chasing down the 3rd place finisher.

Here are Nikhil and his teammate Anthony, sharing their medals and matching icees.

Next weekend is the Junior Olympics Association meet where he will be running the 1500M and the 800M. Stay tuned.

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More Track Meets

Nikhil has had a few more meets since the SCMAF County meet. Two weeks ago he participated in the Pasadena Running Roses meet. This had to be the worst organized of the season. All of the Equalizer runners were incorrectly grouped – I think intentionally. The meet organizers should be ashamed of themselves. Despite that and 95 degree heat, Nikhil did well in the 1500M and 800M. He PR’d his 1500M by 7 seconds to a 5:43.

Last weekend over Memorial Day, we went for a two day meet up in LA sponsored by the LA Jets Track Club. This was a very competitive meet with runners from all over the West Coast. Nikhil ran his first 3000M meet on one day and a 1500M on the second. He ran a bit too conservatively in the 3000M and had too much left over at the end. Now he has a PR to beat and learned about how to better pace the race.

This weekend he has an 800M at the SCMAF State Championship meet. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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Track Meets

Nikhil is continuing with his track workouts during the week and has started participating in meets on the weekends. This is his first season of track and field.

Last weekend he participated at the Swift Invitational Track meet in Gardena. He ran his fastest 800M at 3:09 (in his second meet) and his first 1500M at 6:20.

On Friday, he ran at the Newport Beach City meet and ran a 400M and 800M. His 400M time was 86 seconds and his 800M was 3:12. He placed third in both of his heats and qualifies to run in the SCMAF (Southern California Championship meet) in June. Lots of time to practice until then!

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Last weekend, we went to see the Harlem Globetrotters at the Honda Center in Anaheim with our cub scout den. Anjali and I had seen them 16(?) years ago in Long Beach and they were up to the same old antics – water in the stands, confetti, and playing with the kids and the fans.


Here is Annika enjoying the antics.


Here is Vikram with his friend Michael.


It was a fun evening!

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Vikram Got his Black Belt

This weekend, Vikram tested for his karate black belt.

It was about a 2 hour test where they tested all of the moves he has learned. Vikram has been practicing for weeks. In addition, he had to write an essay about what it means to be a black belt. There was board breaking section and a strength section. In the strength section, he had to do 150 push ups and 500 situps.


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