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Santa Visit

Santa came to our neighborhood last night.  Annika and Harsheta got to pose with him.


Why in the world does Santa have tinted glasses on?

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Christmas Beach

Mom and Dad came down on Christmas Day with my nephew, Vinayak.  We went down to Crystal Cove Beach and enjoyed the sunset.

Here is Vinayak with Mom, Anjali and Vikram.  Vinayak is a Junior at Purdue studying EE (my cousin Raju’s son).

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Rockin’ Christmas

The kids got the new Rockband 2 for the Wii for Christmas.  We played all weekend long.



Here they are at their Jam session.


Annika also got a couple more Webkinz.


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On Christmas eve, Nikhil set his alarm to catch Santa in the act of delivering presents. He woke up at 3:00AM but alas, Santa had already come and gone. Nikhil then decided to wake up everyone else, so we were all up at 3:30 in the morning opening up presents!!

Needless to say, it was a Webkinz Christmas full of Wii games, Apple iPod and iHome electronics.



And then we all went back to sleep!

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Santa Comes to Tustin

Santa came to our neighborhood a little early to visit all the kids. His sleigh was pulled thru our street by the Tustin Police.

Here is Annika telling him all about her favorite Webkinz! You think he knows what a Webkinz is?


Here’s Nikhil and Garrett (I think).


And Vikram


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Annika wrote out her Christmas wish list for us. I thought some of the items were quite cute so I thought I’d share.

Here they are:

1. The Collie Webkinz or Penguin Little kinz or both

2. New petshops

3. A santa hat

4. A new DS game (only because her brothers want new DS games)

5. to see your reindeers and what are their names?

6. The Paws Off pet shop diary

7. The chiwawa [sic] webkinz

I left the spellings, grammar and punctuations as original!

These Webkinz continue to be a hot toy and all three of them have it on their lists. I have a pretty good feeling Santa has already bought some Webkinz for them!

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We had our annual gift exchange this Sunday in our neighborhood. Here are some pictures from the afternoon party!

Here is Miss Annika with her friend Emma.


Here are Vikram and Nikhil with their friends Jordan and Andrew proudly displaying their gift cards to Target!


Here is the whole gang of kids!


Last but not least, here I am with the one thing I wish for Christmas!


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