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Yesterday, I took the boys and their Boy Scout buddies for a training hike up the San Juan Trail in San Juan Capistrano.   It was a 13 mile round trip with over 2200 feet of elevation gain.

Here are the boys at the beginning of the hike:

The first few miles are a series of switchbacks carved into the side of the mountain.

Here is Vikram taking full advantage of one of the few places with 4 bars of AT&T cell phone coverage.  We don’t get this kind of coverage at our house!

The boys conquering a rock halfway up the trail.

Here we are at the top of “Cocktail Rock”.  Appropriately named because after 6.5 miles of hiking I felt like having a couple of cocktails.

Finally, here is what we had to look forward to going back down to the trailhead.  It was almost 4 hours up and 2 1/2 back down.

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