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Late last night, a city water main busted causing a flood thru our neighborhood.  The City of Irvine, Police and Fire were all on hand to witness the destruction.  The 54″ Main was a feed straight from Irvine Lake to a diverter about 100 yards up the hill.  The water flowed for about 4 hours while the City of Irvine fumbled with shutting the main value off.

Here are some pics.

This is the main flow in our front yard.



This is a picture of our back yard.  It was submerged in as much as 8-12 inches of water in some places.


Unfortunately, after about two hours of flowing water, the water started to seep into the house.  First the kitchen and then the family room, study and living room.


Now we are left with the long task of cleanup and rebuild.

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