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We are in the small minority of American families that did not watch the Super Bowl. Instead, we decided to spend the day up in LA.

We started off at the Griddle Cafe in Hollywood – this was rated a top 10 breakfast restaurant by City Guide and City Search and we can see why. At 9am there was a 1 hour wait, but we got lucky. Alex (the maitre d’), must have thought Anjali was a movie star because he seated us in the VIP room. This was a separate private table in the back of the restaurant. Quite a fun way to eat breakfast. The food was awesome and the service very good. I would highly recommend this restaurant.

After breakfast, we went to Universal Studios. There was a light sprinkling of rain that turned into a major downpour and flooding. Here we are on the shuttle tour inside the park.


We were lucky to escape the rain and flooding, only to get caught in a firestorm. This was from the set of Backdraft.


After the fire, the kids were eaten alive by Bruce from the movie Jaws.


And then, Nikhil was chased by a mummy from the movie The Mummy.


We then witnessed a plane crash on the War of the Worlds set.

After such an adventurous day, Anjali got to be a real movie star when she was cast in the Nutty Professor movie alongside Eddie Murphy. Check out her audition tape in front of a live audience of thousands.

By the time we were ready to leave the park, the weather had cleared and it turned out to be a beautiful day in sunny Southern California.


We left the park about 5PM and still got home in time to watch the last 8 minutes of the Super Bowl. As it turned out, this was the most exciting few minutes of the entire 3 hour broadcast.

Oh what a day!

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