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Halloween Fun

The kids dressed up at school for Halloween before going out for the night.khare-blog-205

They have gone from being princesses, angels and cartoon characters to ghoulish vampires, ghosts and devils!


Here is Annika with her friends.


The best part was the haunted house in Serrano.


Here they are counting and sorting their loot at the end of the night.


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Halloween Party

We had a Halloween block party at our house yesterday.

All of the kids dressed up as did many of the parents.

Here is Annika as Princess Rosalina from Super Mario Brothers Galaxy. ¬†Don’t ask why she picked that, but she was very specific about what she wanted to be this year! ¬†Anjali sticthed her costume for her because it was so unique. Next to her is her friend Lizzy.

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Halloween Booty

This past Wednesday night was Halloween, a time for trick or treating and getting as much candy from the neighbors as possible. The kids did not disappoint!

First, the costumes. Nikhil and Vikram dressed up as characters from their favorite Nintendo game, the Legend of Zelda.link_zelda.png

See if you can find the resemblance. This is Nikhil at one of the more creative neighborhood displays.img_2240.jpg

This next one is Vikram


Here is one with them and the neighborhood kids.


And finally, here is Annika as a Spider Princess with her friend.


Here they are back home after collecting 14.3 pounds of candy (displayed is just a small sample of the take)! Their favorites are Skittles, Smarties and Snickers – seems like the same favorites from when we were kids!


The special prize goes to Anjali for making the boys costumes. They looked really good in their outfits.

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