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On Sunday we went for a long hike into Blackstar Canyon. We started at the trail head and after a short walk through the shady canyon we started climbing up some switchbacks. After a few miles we hit a level plateau before climbing for a few more miles.

Here are some pictures from the hike. Note the bullet holes in the sign!

Here are the boys in front of a big rock.

At about 7.5 miles into the hike, we neared the giant Doppler Radar also known as the “Death Star”.

A little bit further up the trail there were some more strange rock formations that looked like they had been pulled up from the bottom of the ocean to about the 4500ft level we were at.

From here it was a long way back but at least it was all down hill! Fifteen miles in total. I think we are ready for Half Dome.

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Today I took the boys out for a longer hike through Peters Canyon. We started at the main entrance off Jamboree and worked our way thru Cactus point, up Big Red and eventually back home. A total of about 4-5 miles.


The field of catci were in full bloom.  This is a picture of the Prickly Pear cactus that grows abundant in our hills.  You will note that they have large fixed spines and smaller hairlike spines.  It is the fine hairlike spines that hurt and take weeks to remove.  I know from the experience of having fallen on one of these on a bike ride a couple of years ago.  Believe it or not, the fruit is edible and is sold in Mexican markets here in the Southland as Nopal.


Here are Vikram, Jordan and Nikhil.


Here they are at the top of Big Red.


This is a strenuous uphill that climbs 175 feet at a 12.5% grade. Here is Rajeev at the top – working up a sweat!img_0129.jpg

Here they all are at the end, thoroughly exhausted. The facial expressions are genuine pain!


A job well done. The rest of the day is relatively peaceful, with the boundless energy left on the mountains.

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Peters Canyon Hike

Yesterday Abhijit and family came down from San Francisco to visit for a few days. The kids were a bit raucous so I took them on a hike to wear them out a bit.

Here we are at the start of the trail.


Here are Annika and Emma running down the hills.


Here are the four boys way out in front.


Here are Vikram, Rajeev, Jordan and Nikhil




Finally, here is a picture of the ridge where the fire was just a couple of months ago. The last couple of rains have started to green up the hills already.  Look at the burned out tree trunks on the bottom left of the picture.


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