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Nikhil got his Brown Belt in Karate this week. Here are some pictures from his test.

Here he is breaking a board.

And finally, here he is receiving his Brown Belt.

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Nikhil’s Red Belt

Nikhil took his Red Belt Degree One on Friday and passed with flying colors.

Here is a short video of him and his classmate Kelsey.

Here is Nikhil during the test.


Finally, here is a picture of Nikhil accepting his belt.


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Life Goes On

I spent this afternoon washing down the front yard and driveway and collected a bucket of ashes and muck that has fallen out of the sky.

The kids have been limited to indoor activities because of the poor air quality. So no running, no cross country and no practices. They have been continuing their karate. Nikhil had his Red Belt test and passed it with flying colors.

Here is Nikhil breaking a board!


This is his instructor Ray (the big guy with the 4th degree black belt!)


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Vikram Got his Black Belt

This weekend, Vikram tested for his karate black belt.

It was about a 2 hour test where they tested all of the moves he has learned. Vikram has been practicing for weeks. In addition, he had to write an essay about what it means to be a black belt. There was board breaking section and a strength section. In the strength section, he had to do 150 push ups and 500 situps.


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Annika is now a Green Belt

Annika tested for her Green Belt in Karate today. She has been doing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu every week and has gone from White to Orange and now Green.

Her instructor is Ray Cota, a 2nd degree Black Belt and teaches in Tustin.

Here are some pictures of the test:




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