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Ports of Call Vacation

It has been a very long time since I posted an adventure so here goes. In August of this year, we took a family trip to Portugal. We landed in Lisbon and drove the first day to Porto to check out the wineries. Porto is Portugal’s second largest city and is designated a UNESCO World Heritage site. It’s about a 3 hour drive north of Lisbon. We stayed at the Hilton Porto Gaia which is walking distance from the waterfront and many of the commercial wine tours. To get the real experience, we drove another hour outside of town to visit the Sandeman Winery.

The Sandeman Winery was definitely the highlight of the trip. The rest of the time, we spent touring several museums and castles.

Here are a few pictures from the famous Sintra Castle.

After Sintra, we went back to Lisbon and visited the Modern Art museum and several smaller castles in the region of Belém.

No trip would be complete without visiting some great restaurants. Lisbon in particular had a significant “Vegan” scene. The city center had lots of choices and was bustling as if Covid didn’t exist.

We enjoyed our trip to Portugal and are already planning our next trip. Saúde!

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