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I got back from Moab and wanted to post some pictures. There were 13 of us that met from Seattle, Texas and So. Cal as part of our annual trip.

The first day was a new trail called the Sovereign trail. It was an 11 mile ride with just 1000 feet of climbing in the back country. It was a good warm up day for the tougher rides to follow.



The second day of riding was at the wold famous Slickrock. This is the second time I have ridden it. The first time was 3 years ago and I was just starting riding. This time was a lot more fun as I was able to make it up all of the challenging hills.

We started on the practice loop and then went clockwise around the slickrock trail for a total of 11.1 miles and 2300 feet of climbing although it was all in short bursts of steep (and very steep) hills.

Here is me and Terry at the top overlooking the Colorado river.


Here is our entire group.  Guys from Seattle, Texas, Colorado and So Cal.


The last day was the best. We planned on a shuttle leaving Poison Spider Cycles at 8:30 and went to Hazard County at 9000 feet of elevation. It was snowing up there so we dropped down to 7250 feet where there was some rain but the single track was still ridable. The first part was wet, muddy and cold but we dropped altitude quickly enough that by the end of it we were at 4000 feet after covering 14.2 miles of downhill singletrack (and some doubletrack).

Here we are at 7000 feet on the LPS trail.


The LPS turns into the Porcupine Rim Trail where there are some sheer drop offs and amazing views.



I would highly recommend this shuttle trail. Next time I hope we are able to start in Hazard.

Quite a successful trip as there were no major injuries (unlike the last two trips where we had a broken arm and a broken finger) not counting the bloody knees and arms!

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