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Geneva Trip

I just got back from a business trip to Geneva. We had the most amazing food every night including dinner at Patara, La Perle du Lac and a winery. Patara is an expensive Thai restaurant next to the Angleterre hotel. The Pearl is a wonderful Swiss restaurant overlooking the lake at the end of downtown geneva.

I also had the opportunity to spend a couple of hours at the Patek Philippe watch museum. If you have the opportunity to visit, it is well worth the 8 Franc entrance fee. It is 4 stories of watch making history. Included is the world’s most expensive watch – sold by Sotheby’s for $11 million and has 24 complications; everything from moonphase to stop watch to some pretty esoteric stuff. 05-24-07_0804.jpg
I also saw my very first Ferrari Enzo driving down the street. It was a black Enzo zipping down the main Quai du Mont Blanc.


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