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Black Tie Dinner

Last night, Anjali and I attended a black tie charity dinner for the Roosters Foundation. This is a non-profit serving the needs of children’s charities in Orange County.

Our good friend Mohan sponsored a table and we all got to enjoy a night out and a fabulous dinner cooked specially for our table from the master chef at Tabu Grill in Laguna Beach.

Here are some pictures from the evening.

Here we are in our front yard before heading out for the evening.


Here are Mohan and Prachee.


This is the master chef with his sous chef preparing the meal at our table. We were treated to a sumptuous 5 course meal complete with a full complement of wine, cheese, and dessert.



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California Vacation

Anjali’s friend Vaishali, from college came from the east coast to visit California. They started in San Diego and as they were passing thru to LA and eventually San Francisco, they stopped by to visit.

Vaishali, Shahid and their baby daughter Aleena and a couple of their friends stayed for one night.

The baby on the left is Aleena and the one on the right is Jayla (a friend of Vaishali’s).


Here is Aleena, Vaishali and Anjali.


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New Year’s Party

We went to the King’s for New Year’s Eve. The kids all stayed up till midnight and toasted champagne (or apple cider).

(click on the pic to see the whole thing)


At midnight they went out and banged on some pots and pans to bring in the new year and wake up all the neighbors!


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We had our annual gift exchange this Sunday in our neighborhood. Here are some pictures from the afternoon party!

Here is Miss Annika with her friend Emma.


Here are Vikram and Nikhil with their friends Jordan and Andrew proudly displaying their gift cards to Target!


Here is the whole gang of kids!


Last but not least, here I am with the one thing I wish for Christmas!


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Diwali Get Together

We had a little Diwali dinner on Friday night complete with fireworks for the kids.




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Asit and Family

On Sunday evening the Aithals came over for dinner. You can see Asit’s post here along with a small video.

We made homemade pizza and had White Peach sangria for dinner.

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Newport Beach

This week, Anjali took the kids to Newport Beach for the day. They went with their friends, Zach, Belle, Sam, Brandon, Ryan, Andrew and Adam.

The beach is about 20 minutes from our house and the waves are perfect for their favorite activity “Boogey boarding”. This is almost like surfing except with a foam board that is easier to learn!


This is Nikhil above Boogey Boarding.

Below is Vikram:


This is Annika after she caught a big wave that took her underwater!


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