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Big Macs

Vikram played in his last regular season soccer game on Saturday.  His team’s name is the Big Macs.

Here are some pics from the game.


Here is a picture of Vikram heading the ball.


Here he is team in a huddle.  If you look in the background, you can see the smoke clouds from the Yorba Linda file about 15 miles away.  The air quality in our neighborhood was surprisingly good.


Here is Vikram – his nickname is “freight train” and you can guess why.


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Soccer Season

Vikram had his end of soccer season party this week.

Here he is with his team, the Volcanoes.

Here are some pictures from his last game.  He played goalie in this game. He’s wearing the green jersey.

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AYSO Soccer

Vikram has started playing AYSO soccer this season. They have practice twice a week and games on Saturday.

This is his first year so he is learning quickly. Anjali is volunteering as the Team Mom – so she gets to coordinate all of the practice announcements, banner, collect funds and coordinate all of the communication to the soccer parents on the team.

Their team is named the Blue Tsunami’s.


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