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On the second day of our Zion trip, Doug, Denis and I took a hike along the lower Subway route. This is about a 10 mile hike that took us a little over 7 hours round trip with a lot of climbing in and out of the canyon.

Here we are at the start of the hike. You have to read to the end to see why it is called the Subway!

The entire hike is along an ancient riverbed with steep canyons along each side. We saw some dinosaur tracks part way thru the hike.

Here are Doug and I getting our feet wet.

Here is a picture of one of the sandstone overhangs.

Finally, here is the Subway. This water carved formation extends for about a 1/4 mile and dead ends in a deep pool of water that requires rapelling gear to continue.

This is the end of the trail for us!

Here is Doug climbing through the canyon.

And one last look at the awesome Subway!

After that, it is another 5 mile hike back to the top of the canyon.

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Last week I went on a bike trip with some of my mountain bike riding buddies to Gooseberry in Zion National Park.

The first day we did the entire south rim as well as several of the more technical trails.

Here is a picture of our group at The Point.

Here I am going up one of the technical trails (no assist needed)!.

Check out the beautiful scenery.

There were some hardcore bikers on this pretty technical set of trails. (this is Morgan’s license plate… the guy that founded the trail system).

And here is one of the riders from our group – named Bracken.

You can also check out this video of Bracken doing some trick riding.


Pretty awesome day on the trails.

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