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Spring Break

We went up to the Bay Area over spring Break and visited my parents and Abhijit and family.

Here are some pics of the kids at my parent’s house (Nikhil, Vikram, Annika and Maya).

Here are Kiran and Vikram wrestling.

We went to Sky High in Concord.  Here are the kids standing still for one second (at most).




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We went to India over the Christmas break to visit Anjali’s parents in Pune and my extended family in Nagpur.

Anjali’s parents had their 50th anniversary.  Here is Anjali with her parents in the middle and her brother on the right.  In the front and back row are her cousins.

Here are the kids with their Great Grandmother!

Here are the five of us.

Here are the kids at Anjali’s uncle’s vacation house outside of Pune.

One of the days we went to Sinhagad, a fort from the 1600’s with quite a colorful history.  Here are the kids at the entrance to the fort.

Here is the view from inside the protected walls of the fort.

On most days, we did our shopping trips and visits in a scooter rickshaw.

We did a side trip to Nagpur which is about a two hour flight from Pune.

We visited my uncles and cousins there.

My cousin Shirish (on the left in the photo above) took us to a wildlife sanctuary outside of Pune.

Here are some pictures from the Pench Tiger Sanctuary.  Unfortunately, we didn’t see any tigers but lots of other big game including sambars, horned deer, antelopes and all kinds of monkeys!

On Christmas Day, we went out for Chinese food at Mainland China in Pune.  Probably the best Chinese food in India! Christmas Day in India is like any other day there.

On our last day in Pune, Anjali was lucky enough to catch her 30th year high school reunion at St. Joseph’s.  Here she is with her friends.

What a trip!

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Family Portrait 2011

This morning, we drove down to Crystal Cove Beach and took some family self portrait pictures. The weather cooperated and the lighting was pretty perfect.

You’ll be seeing these on our holiday cards this year!

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Over the Thanksgiving holiday, we drove up to the Bay Area to visit my parents and also Abhijit and family.

At my parent’s house, Madhu and her kids visited one day.  Here’s a pic of Maya (Annika’s cousin) and Annika.

Abercrombie Girl

Here are the boys with their little cousin Kiran.

And finally a group shot.

For Thanksgiving diner, we went up to Abhijit’s house for dinner.

The boys got all dressed up.  Annika refused to dress up, still wearing her trademark Abercrombie and Fitch casual clothes.

Abhijit had cooked all weekend long and had quite the elaborate spread!

Here are Rajiv and Nikhil goofing around.

And finally a pic of Anjali and Ashwini.

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Diwali 2011

The kids took the day off from school to celebrate Diwali.  Here are Annika, Mira and Harsheta spending the afternoon in our backyard doing rangoli.



The girls pose for a picture (Ankhita, Mira, Maya, Annika and Harsheta).


In the evening, we went over to Arun and Jo’s house for dinner and fireworks.

Diwali Kids

Here are some of the backyard fireworks.

The boys graciously accepting their gifts!

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Bay Area Weekend

Over the 4th of July holiday, we went up to the Bay Area to visit Mom and Dad and Abhijit and family.

Here are some pics from the weekend.

First up, Madhu and her kids Maya and Kiran came over with their puppy dalmation.

Here are Annika and Maya.

Annika and Maya



Here are Vikram and KiranVikram and KiranThe two puppies played all day long.


They took the occasional break and then started their wrestling again.Kiran and Vikram also wrestled much of the day.


One of the days, we went to Abhijit’s house. Here are some pics from the evening and the following day.

Here is Abhijit showing Nikhil his secret chicken recipe.


Here is the full gang (Nikhil, Vikram, Rajiv, Apurva and Annika).The girls did a backyard campout for the night.

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On Memorial Day we visited the Channel Islands – Santa Cruz Island. We started out at Ventura Harbor, a little over 100 miles from our house and then took a 2 hour boat ride to the island.  The weather was beautiful.

Here is Annika with her best friend Lizzy who came along with us.

Here is Vikram being camera shy!


On the boat ride, we saw lots of sea lions and dolphins.

Here is the start of the 4.5 mile hike on the island.

Here we all are just above Pelican Bay.

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